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Tyr - Ragnarok
The Faröer Islands is a small island chain above England, and so damn small you would not expect a band there. Well, there is actually one band that made themselves quite popular and that band is Tyr. Metalrage reviewed their previous recording “Eric The Red” and now it’s time for Tyr’s latest offering called “Ragnarok” This band is particullary interesting because they have songs in their native language, which sounds very original and fun. The musical description of this band is a heavy kind of folk metal, with some turns to viking metal. 
This album starts out with ‘The Beginning’ and it is instantly heard that they have changed their music style a little bit. The previous record was quite interesting with some stiff necked riffs, but this is rather slow and sleep inducing. I certainly can appreciate the slower riffs and drums, but the bad thing is that there aren’t any up tempo songs on the whole album. I really would have liked some more tracks like ‘The Ride To Hel’, because there is some decent music in that song. 

Well, I must confess that I started to appreciate this album a lot more when I listened to it a couple of times. I also liked the songs in the native language on their previous record, and luckily they recorded a couple of songs in that language on “Ragnarok” as well. These songs are called ‘Torsteins Kvædi’ and ‘Grímur Á Midalnesi’ and I personally like it a lot. There is some excellent guitarwork on this album that will certainly freak some guitar fans out. 
I think that people who have listened to “Eric The Red” will be a little disappointed by this album, but when you open yourself to the music, it really starts to become listenable! I don’t really know what I’m thinking of this album, I do like it when I want to go to sleep that is. Anyways, it’s not bad at all!
Tyr - Ragnarok
80/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Monday Sep 25th, 2006
Folk/Viking Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Friday Oct 20th, 2006

Tags: #Tyr
Tracklisting 1: The Beginning
2: The Hammer Of Thor
3: Envy
4: Brothers Bane
5: The Burning
6: The Ride To Hel
7: Torsteins Kvaedi
8: Grimur A Midalnesi
9: Wings Of Time
10: The Rage Of The Skullgaffer
11: The Hunt
12: Victory
13: Lord Of Lies
14: Gjallarhornid
15: Ragnarok
16: The End
Line up Vocals/Guitar - Heri Joensen
Guitar - Terji Skiben�s
Bass - Gunnar H. Thomsen
Drums - K�ri Streymoy