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Domain - Stardawn
Metaaaaaaaalllllll…. That is what I thought when I first listened to this promotional album by the heavy metal band Domain from Germany. I was prepared to listen to some old school “Halloween” and “Hammerfall” inspired heavy metal, but boy I was wrong.
The music is a big blend of different styles, but heavy metal really sets the tone, along with some progressive elements. For instance, the first song ‘All In The Name Of Fire’ is a classical opener and has all elements of a decent metal song. I hear screaming guitars and clashing solo’s, which I really liked, although I’m usually a fan of short bullshit solo’s as you can hear in the early Cannibal Corpse shit. 

Of course there is a ballad like song on it, which I kind of expected. I also digged the track ‘Headfirst Into Desaster’ which is a very playful song, with funny guitar riffs. Okay, the last song on the album will probably catch attention, because it’s a very long song divided into 7 parts called ‘Shadowhall’. Listening to this song will take you somewhat longer than 25 minutes, but those 25 minutes are definitely worth checking out!
I really liked this album and hope to catch this band live somewhere. I can really recommend this to heavy metal fans and people who like to wander into the depths of progressive metal.
Domain - Stardawn
85/1001Details Limb Music
Released on Friday Oct 13th, 2006
Heavy/Progressive Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Friday Oct 20th, 2006

Tags: #Domain
Tracklisting 1: All In The Name Of Fire
2: Temple Of The Earth
3: Don't Pay The Ferryman
4: I Ain't No Hero
5: Headfirst Into Desaster
6: Stardawn
7: Crystal Stone Island (Warpath Pt. II)
8: Help Me Through The Storm
9: Shadowhall:
Chapter I - Gathering Of The Damned
Chapter II - Under The Bloodmoon
Chapter III - Open The Gates
Chapter IV - Shadowhall
Chapter V - Vampire's Ball
Chapter VI - Hell Dimension
Chapter VII - Love Under Ice
Line up Vocals - Carsten "Lizard" Schulz
Guitar/Backing Vocals - Axel "Ironfinger" Ritt
Keyboards/Backing Vocals - Erdmann "Erdi" Lange
Bass - Jochen Mayer
Drums - Stefan Kollner