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Sanctorum - The Heavens Shall Burn
When I say: ‘Devolution – Penumbra’, you might hear a little bell ringing in the back of your head. If not, just take a look at The review was written almost two years ago. A young, British band with potential; not much more than that (yet). Now, Sanctorum (they changed their name in 2005)  is back with a full length.  To give you a little idea of the qualities of this band; they were the support act on the nationwide Mendeed tour (keep in mind that Mendeed recently signed a deal with Century Media).
The music that these guys play lies somewhere between (old skool) thrash and death metal. A pleasure for the ear as it does not sound like a simple rip-off band. I’ll be honest to you: I do not know the old skool Metallica and Testament, but as I’ve read numerous reviews of this album, I know Sanctorum comes close to that. But lets take a look at the music itself shall we?
2 words: Holy f*ck! How much can a band grow in a period of a little less than two years? Very much! The difference between Aaron Sly’s vocals on Penumbra and The Heavens Shall Burn is just amazing! Where his voice was a little ‘forced’ and immature on Penumbra, he now sets things straight. Death metal growls all over the place! But the ‘forced’ part is history, that’s for sure! A very convincing voice it is! Not to mention his great lyrics!
Though, a small minor on the album is the first song, ‘Blood Lust’. It seems like Aaron can’t keep up his dark, angry voice the whole time. Therefore I wouldn’t have picked this song as an opener. Please do not be distracted by those small ‘out of tone’ parts, the album only gets better! For example the second track ‘Ancient Words’, this song is awesome and pretty much represents everything you can expect from Sanctorum.
Then there are the guitar solos. Hello Mr. Lewis! I guess you’ve practiced your ass off on these solos, but let me tell you this, the practicing was a good investment, a very good one! The solos are something new to me in the songs of this band but I can only wish they’ll keep doing that in the future as well. And to make it complete, there are the pounding double bass parts. This band has become a real metal monster. There are just hardly any signs on the album that these guys are only 18 years old.  
My dear readers, I can only hope you will check out this band and judge for yourself. If it was up to me, this band hasn’t even come close to where they belong. In the international scene that is! I’m ready to check ‘em out live! Be a little open-minded and just check this out ok? They deserve better than the UK-only attention.
Sanctorum - The Heavens Shall Burn
88/1001Details Independent (CD released on Rising Records)
Released on Monday Sep 25th, 2006
(Old Skool Death) Metal

Writer @Boek on Friday Oct 20th, 2006

Tags: #Sanctorum
Tracklisting 01. Blood Lust
02. Ancient Words
03. Lifeless Love
04. Closure
05. Stand Alone
06. Rise
07. Watch Me Suffer
08. Dark Lullaby
09. My Sickness
10. Desolate Soul
Line up Aaron Sly - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Ash Lewis - Guitar
Chris Eldridge - Bass, Backing Vocals
Matt Alston - Drums