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DJ Starscream - The New Leader
He is well known for being one of the members of the famous metal band Slipknot as #0. But there is more within the life of DJ Sid Wilson. As DJ Starscream this guy produces a vulgar mix of drum and bass, metal, hip-hop and hard style. A couple of months ago he was even involved in a fight on one of Holland’s biggest dance events Sensation Black.

We don’t know why we received this album but we did. The album is a combination of various styles and for a normal metal lover this disc will hit the trash can within 2 minutes. The combination of fast beats with Slipknot samples is something what is hard to listen to on your IPod. Luckily enough there is a track like 'Step To These' on this disc which let you hear Hip Hop mixed with the strange qualities and sounds of Sid.

It is hard to review this CD because the extreme hard style parts are definitively not created for my ears but the disc sure got passion. The drum and bass parts are impressive and a huge list of styles have been constructed into 12 completely different songs. For everybody there is something on this disc they like, but it seems every style is constantly mixed with the opposite style. Hard stuff to listen to!

We won’t give this disc a score because it is simply something you cannot give a mark being a ‘metal oriented’ webzine. Try it if you are curious but do not expect a masterpiece. It probably will just be another nice addition to your Slipknot collection. Because that is the group they are aiming for at, aight?
DJ Starscream - The New Leader
No ScoreDetails N2o Entertainment
Released on Tuesday Aug 29th, 2006
Drum and Bass, Metal, Hip Hop, Hard Style

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Tuesday Oct 24th, 2006

Tags: #DJ Starscream
Tracklisting 01. Introducing The New Leader (1:09)
02. Deadman Remix (3:11)
03. Step To These (3:42)
04. Sword Sharpening Remix (4:23)
05. FFwd Rew (2:21)
06. Rough This Year (6:08)
07. Kyukyoku "Fight" Remix (4:56)
08. Riot In New York Remix (4:10)
09. Twinpusher (4:31)
10. Come On Remix (3:49)
11. Swaying Vio-lyn (2:30)
12. LA Head Space (3:25)
Line up Sid Wilson - DJ