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MonkeyRAM - Control (EP)
MonkeyRAM is a Dutch rock band from Noord-Holland. Their debut demo was recorded and mixed in only one day. I don’t know how the result was but I do know that the result on this disc must be better. This time they put more money and time in the project and I think the album artwork alone is worth a compliment. Looks very nice! Hopefully the music is as nice as the artwork.
The music has a lot of tempo changes. There are parts where you only hear some light drumming and the bass guitar and parts that sound like an eruption considering the soft part that came before it. All the tempo changes and the style of music sometimes remind me of Tool. This goes especially for the slower parts.
The heavier parts in this music sound nice, no doubt about that! The thing is, they’re not really that bombastic as they should be. I don’t feel like something devastating pumps out of my speakers. Which is, I think, a necessity within heavy rock and metal music. Especially the drums sounds a bit thin. 
Vocal wise I can’t really come up with a certain band that sounds alike. Which is good of course! It all sounds pretty ok but certainly not special. If it was up to me I would have put a wider range into the vocal approaches used on this EP. Sure, there’s singing and some more heavier vocals but it all sounds a little too much the same. I mean, there are just no screams or high melodic vocals. Just that one type of voice. Hopefully vocalist Mark de Vries will do some more experimental parts on the next album.
The result; a decent rock album with slower parts that remind me of Tool and heavier parts that should vary a little more vocally. Still, this isn’t a bad start for MonkeyRAM so I hope they’ll continue to grow. I’m definitely curious to their next release.
MonkeyRAM - Control (EP)
65/1001Details Independent
Released on Sunday Oct 1st, 2006

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Oct 24th, 2006

Tags: #MonkeyRAM
Tracklisting 1. Freak
2. Control
3. Adore
4. Mellow Dramatic
5. Voices
Line up Mark de Vries - Vocals
Ronald Lindenberg - Guitar
Ren´┐Ż Kessens - Guitar
Chris van der Geest - Bass
Richard Lindenberg - Drums