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The Provenance - Red Flags
From one track on The Provenance’s MySpace I could tell that I was going to like it. So I subscribed and was welcomed into an enchanting world of progressive rock and metal. Red Flags is their fourth release, so it seems I have some catching up to do.
The bio stated that they are from the world-famous Gothenbörg area in Sweden, where bands like At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, Dissection and In Flames come from. I’m not a fan of any of those, but the bio also states that with every album they drifted further away from their melodic death metal and folk roots. It took them to their own unique style of gothic-tinged progressive rock/metal. This is very true indeed.
What we have here is an extremely melodic band with two vocalists, one male and one female. They both keep it to clean melodic singing, and they do this in a very impressing way. Especially Emma’s voice made a lasting impression on me. She stands out over the music, while what she does fits the melodies perfectly and what she does I wouldn’t even call gothic orientated. The dual vocal parts give it an even better boost, creating an enchanting and relaxing atmosphere.

Musically there is a lot going on. We can go from subtle stoner rock, to string supported melodies, to pounding breakdowns, and all in one song. I can hear influences from so many genres, not even all rock or metal related. But the thing that carries the atmosphere throughout the album, are the amazing sound effects. This girl actually contributes a whole lot to the album, instead of doing an occasional solo or bleep/peep noise.
An emotional effort from a very good Swedish band. This stuff goes to the depths of your feelings (if you want to) and takes you to mental places you’ve never been before. I think especially the depressed goths and funeral doomers with an eye open for progressive stuff can dig Red Flags. This is a very dynamic, lively and to me relaxing album. Listen, and be enchanted by a fairy named Emma.
The Provenance - Red Flags
85/1001Details Peaceville Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 31st, 2006
progressive rock/metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Oct 24th, 2006

Tags: #The Provenance
Tracklisting 1. At the Barricades
2. Crash Course
3. Thanks to you
4. Second and Last but not Always
5. Revelling Masses
6. Leave-takings
7. The Cost
8. Deadened
9. One Warning
10. Settle Soon
Line up Tobias Martinsson - Guitar, vocals
Joel Lindell - Drums, lyrics
Emma Hellstr�m - Vocals, keyboards
Jonnie T�ll - Bass
Joakim Ros�n - Lead Guitar