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All Out War - Condemned To Suffer
[b]I�m, after hearing this album, so sorry that I�ve never heard anything else of this band. These guys are geniuses. Their mix of trash metal and hardcore is so great, powerful, fast and brutal that I�m planning on buying the rest of their CD�s as well. Here�s what I think of it:[/b] �Straight Towards Extinction� is immediately thrown into my ear holes as I push play on my radio. And man it sounds good. Some really heavy trash metal riffs are blasted out and a reasonable solo is in the song as well. Then we get a cool hardcore part right after that. Then another solo, which I think is even cooler than the first one. The vocals are really great too. Loud, hardcore-style screaming with somewhat more brutal parts here and there. But there are a lot of backing vocals by the other musicians. Moving on to a really nice hardcore riff of the album-name track �Condemned To Suffer�. This is one of the more hardcore-style tracks on the album. The multi-vocals are put to use really good in the bridge part. Nice and brutal ending to the track. Up next is a great song that, well the intro at least, reminds me of an old Sepultura track called �Bleeding The Weak�. First some freaky wind-effect and then comes something that could be �Desperate Cry� or �Under Siege�. But then the shit really kicks in and it�s all violence again. You can find a little hardcore here and there in this trash metal song if you listen good. Nice melodic solo in it too. Violence again with �Heaven�s Coming Down� At this point I do think the vocals are more on the hardcore side then trash style, but that ain�t a problem to me. Really short one this is, it lasts one minute and 24 seconds of metalmadness. �Two Thousand Years� doesn�t give you much peace and quietness either, and I like that. Really heavy hardcore chorus with a good double bass after it. Little bit of melodic Slayer-style riffs in it too. Which of course is very good. The next track is dubbed �From The Bottom� and it starts hardcore-style as well, but that turns very very quickly. Trash metal everywhere with screaming and blood and guts and the mucus and stuff�, oops, I got carried away a bit. Good track. Nice ending scream. Yes, �Destined To Burn � starts very slow with those heavy pieces in it that make your speakers make noises that probably aren�t healthy for them. I love it. After a minute-and-a-half the pass is picked up a bit, and after two minutes were on a great speed again. Hardcore bridge leading to a melodic guitar part, joined by a second guitar and heavy slow drumming and some screaming, and even some grunting is involved here. This is one of the longer tracks on the album, four minutes and 57 seconds. �Pray For Salvation� reminds me a lot of some old Hatebreed stuff, especially the part after the intro. Really good drumming in this track, a lot of double bass, and you can�t give me enough of that. The solo isn�t that cool I think, but the drums compensate that. Witness armageddon!!! Up next is �Hypocrites Of The Revolution�. This song has mixed hardcore with trash metal really good. Nice and violent with some interesting fast guitar parts in it. Really phat hardcore ending to it which would be a great live riff. Picking up the pass again with �Vengeance For Angels� until the screams come. Slow, heavy hardcore guitars join the vocals and later on we get the faster part again. It goes like that a couple of time so the variety is very good for a trash/hardcore song. And now this is a good solo again, too bad it so short, like the other ones as well. The name alone of this track makes me like it. �Rise Of The Anti-Christ� has great lyrics, but isn�t too exciting for the rest. Only the bridge part makes you move your head again. The last track is called �Gone Forever�. A melodic intro leading to the violence again. The fast part is really kicking too. Man this is a cool album! Mixing hardcore with trash metal is one of the better ideas people have had since the invention of the wheel. Nice track with a lot of variety. And then the quietness returns. This is a really good album for the people that love hardcore as well as for people who are into trash metal. It�s nice and brutal, but it still has some melodic parts hidden on it. Support this shit! Track List: 1: Straight toward Extinction 2: Condemned To Suffer 3: Bleeding The Weak 4: Heaven's Coming Down 5: Two-Thousand Years 6: From The Bottom 7: Destined To Burn 8: Pray For Salvation 9: Hypocrites Of The Revolution 10: Vengeance For The Angels 11: Rise Of The Anti-Christ 12: Gone Forever Line Up: Vocals - Mike Score Guitars - Jose Secarca Guitars - Taras Apuzzo Bass - Andy Pietrolungo Drums - Jesse Sutherland [b][i]Review made by DemonDust[/b][/i]
All Out War - Condemned To Suffer
80/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #All Out War
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