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Deaden - Displaying The Art Of Carnage
It has been some time for me since I did a review for a goregrind band, so here we go for another adventure in extreme brutality. We explore the wretched world of Deaden, who will be Displaying The Art Of Carnage for us.
Nothing new under the sun, I’ll start with that. But that is the case with most bands in these extremer metal genres, so we’ll just have to look for the things that can get one’s cock poke through a concrete wall. And that my friends, can be found in the form of a bass guitar. This guy has an amazing sound that rattles and crunches like Skullhog does (not always though, there are clean parts, and sometimes even a phaser on it I think). It might be because I’m a bass player that I feel like that, but it just sounds like a bulldozer driving through your living room.
Added to that bass guitar we have some good tight drumming, but nothing that really impresses me. The guitar and bass tend to do some funny tricks here and there, which helps with the variation, but in average you’re just being blown away by gore-drenched gut-ripping riffs. There is also quite some hardcore related riffing, but due to the extreme brutal sound you are forced to neglect this when listening. The vocals then, they sound beyond guttural, like bowel-vocals or something. Also there is some pig-screaming involved, something that can put a smile on my face anytime.
All this is accompanied by samples from horror movies, of which one must certainly be Saw, I’d recognize that voice anywhere. Deaden will please the average gore loving maniac, but it takes a bit more to really get me going besides an awesome bass guitar. Gore for the masses.
Deaden - Displaying The Art Of Carnage
70/1001Details Epitomite Productions
Released on Monday Sep 11th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Oct 25th, 2006

Tags: #Deaden
Tracklisting 1. The Abhorring
2. ...The Mind Of
3. With The Skin
4. Perverted Fecal Embodiment
5. Open Your Fears
6. Vomiting Felch
7. Blood Came From Sodomy
8. Only Genitals Remain

Line up Drew Stockman - Guitar
Ethan Deppe - Drums
Von Young - Guitar, Vocals
Jake Lahniers - Bass, Vocals