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Scornage - Pure Motorized Instinct
It is time for some German thrash metal! Scornage started out in 1998 and Pure Motorized Instinct is their second full length album. They have done several shows with some big names in metal and they are preparing to do a tour in Japan and America. Let’s see what this new release brings us.
Well, it’s thrash metal alright! We have the poeka’s, the chugga chugga’s and the evil screams. Nothing original, just plain ol’ drinking metal fun. For twelve songs you’re being entertained by some very nice riffs and good lyrics. No more, no less.
The vocals luckily vary from higher harsh screams to the more deeper grunts (not death metal deep though). There are also some faster parts on the disc with blast beats, to make it just that little bit more aggressive. The album is really easy to get into, but unfortunately just as easy to get out of. I have difficulties with keeping my attention to the songs, and I think this is mainly due to the production. It’s nice and clear, but it doesn’t explode in your face as for instance the last Devildriver album did. It could have been a whole lot heavier I think. Tune down dudes!
For the rest I have no remarks about Pure Motorized Instinct. I like the fact that there's also a song in German, which sounds better than when Rammstein does it, hehehe. Fans of German thrash metal will certainly be pleased with this, but I’d make it a bit heavier to really attract attention.
Scornage - Pure Motorized Instinct
73/1001Details Remedy Records
Released on Friday Oct 27th, 2006
Thrash metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Oct 26th, 2006

Tags: #Scornage
Tracklisting 1. Scared To Be
2. Pure Motorized Instinct
3. Blood Splattered Banner
4. I Am Your Fear
5. Keep It To Yourself
6. Higher
7. Ahead Of The Pack
8. Abgrund
9. Ship Of Fools
10. The Ancient One
11. The End Of The Food Chain
12. When There Is No More Room In Hell
Line up Achim - guitar
Markus - bass
Guido - vocals
Volker - guitar
Tom - drums