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Blackshine - Lifeblood
What’s this? A Swedish band that takes pleasure in combining two cool words into one, and then using it as a bandname and/or album title? Or might we be dealing with yet another decent band from the Scandinavian region that has released two albums before this one? I fear that it will be the latter…
What we have in our hands here is something that they themselves might call goth ‘n roll or power goth, but I don’t think neither of these descriptions apply. Sure there are elements of gothic orientated stuff, rock ‘n roll and power metal, but to me heavy metal is the key word. And the reason that I like this band better than most groups active in that genre is the fact that the vocals never go into the high regions that make my balls hurt.
The music is a mild form of heavy metal and rock ‘n roll, never getting too heavy considering that they started out as a death metal outfit, and never getting too soft. With some sing-along choruses, easy to get into songs and not too heavy sound this is a very accessible album. I also thank the fact that there are no keyboards, because that would completely ruin the rocky atmosphere that flows throughout the album.
Blackshine will probably appeal to fans of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, to Motörhead and most of the average normal rock stuff. No goth and no power metal involved on this disc if you ask me. Maybe their fansbase consists of people into that music or something…? Hell, what do I know!? Just check it out if you’re into rock and not-too-heavy metal.
Blackshine - Lifeblood
75/1001Details Dockyard 1
Released on Monday Sep 25th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Oct 26th, 2006

Tags: #Blackshine
Tracklisting 1. Cure In The Shape Of Noise
2. Born A Denier
3. Lifeblood
4. Stonefog
5. Powerghoul
6. Unbroken
7. Burn The World
8. Face The Bastard God
9. Dwell In Black
10. Second Rate Blasphemer
11. Denial Of Pain
Line up Anders Strokirk - guitar, vocals
Joakim Stabel - guitar
Fredrik Holmberg - bass
Chris Barkensj´┐Ż - drums (drums on this album by Stipen)