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The Awakening - Razor Burn
South-Africa, a beautiful country that has suffered through some horrid humanitarian problems in the past. But now we are receiving metal promo’s from over there! We have the thrash outfit Agro and this gothic rock act called The Awakening. Let’s see how they do it on the other end of the planet.
Damn good I must say. The style is very obvious gothic rock as they state everywhere. It is a good thing to keep in mind that this is their 11th release, counting three EP’s, six albums and one best-of album. Very impressing, but this can very well be heard on Razor Burn. Very professionally composed gothic rock is divided over twelve tracks that never seem to lower in quality.
This band seems to revolve around the multi talent Ashton Nyte. The band has been in existence since 1995, and besides doing vocals and a generous portion of the instrumentation on The Awakening’s albums, he also released four solo albums in this time, did cabaret shows and theatre pieces and acoustic performances. So it is safe to say that this man enjoys a cult status in South Africa. And to be honest, I must say that this guy possesses quite an impressive voice. He lingers between the sounds of Marilyn Manson, Type O Negative’s Peter Steele and (although I’d rather not mention it) HIM’s Ville Vallo or whatever he’s called. Especially the first one comes to mind very often.
The music on the album is very atmospheric and has a good rock feel to it. You really can tell that this music is gothic rock, but then again you can say that this is nothing you’ve never heard before too. But this is no real problem I think. It has been mixed excellent and it never boosts to an unexpected area, so it’s some easy goth-rock listening. People into this genre should definitely check this out, you’ll be hooked in an instant.
The Awakening - Razor Burn
83/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Friday Sep 22nd, 2006
gothic rock

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Oct 26th, 2006

Tags: #The Awakening
Tracklisting 1. (Outside The Asylum)
2. Arrow
3. Heaven Waits
4. The Neon Sky
5. Razor Burn
6. Darkness Calls (Razor Burn pt. 2)
7. Bleeding
8. Descent
9. Oblivion
10. Halo
11. Below
12. Asylum
Line up Ashton Nyte - Vocals&Guitar
Frankie Clark - Bass Guitar
Tyron Volguard - Keyboards&Backing Vocals
Gregg Thompson - Guitar&Backing Vocals
Herman Kruger - Drums&Percussion