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MTM Music - 10th Anniversary
German label MTM Music was formed in 1996. Their motto is ‘Quality, not Quantity’. That’s why they haven’t released that many records. Still they have managed to launch Mtm Metal and MTM Classix. MTM Metal speaks for itself but MTM Classix is the label for the reissue of long sought after CD’s or for productions never released before.  Now ten years later they wanted to celebrate it with a compilation record named 10th Anniversary.
I reviewed the bands Tourist and Dacia+wmd before. These bands are pretty cool when you’ll compare them to those you’ll find on 10th Anniversary. Maybe that’s why you won't find them on this disc. Obviously MTM Music is mainly rock orientated. The majority of the bands on this compilation make eighties rock with maybe some metal influences. And some of them are really bad! Check out Dan Lucas with ‘Love Hurts’. You’ll know exactly why they haven’t released that before. Too bad they did now…
Besides that you’ll also find some singer – songwriter music on this record. One of them is Martin Briley (soon to be reviewed!). Nice easy going campfire music. More energetic yet relaxing is Relapsed with ‘Hardest Part Of Goodbye’. Could be on the radio next to Stereophonic or something like that.
The original release, so not the promo I received, consists out of a double-cd. Cd 1 (the one I reviewed) exclusively features new titles or titles who are not released yet. The second cd is a bonus cd that contains a selection of songs of MTM- artists, which have been particularly successful within the last years. Think of the earlier reviewed TNT.
Love Maurits
MTM Music - 10th Anniversary
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Released on Tuesday Oct 17th, 2006

Writer @Maurits on Thursday Oct 26th, 2006

Tags: #MTM Music
Tracklisting Cd 1:
01. Zeno “Stand Of Illusion” (unreleased - forthcoming album "Runway To The Gods")
02. Alannah Myles / Jeff Healey “i Can't Stand The Rain” (unreleased - forthcoming album "Tribute To Tina Turner")
03. Fate “Sweet Angel” (unreleased - recent album "v")
04. Dan Lucas “Love Hurts” (unreleased)
05. Vengeance “Down Down Down”leased - recent album "Back In The Ring")
06. Aor “Desperate Dreams” (unreleased - recent Album "l.a. Attraction")
07. Shiva “The Cameleon” (unreleased - forthcoming album "The Curse Of The Gift")
08. Brett Walker “Give Me Back Tomorrow” (unreleased - forthcoming album "Spirit Junky")
09. Relapsed “Hardest Part Of Goodbye” (unreleased - current album "Into A Former State")
10. Martin Briley “i Don't Think She Misses Me At All” (unreleased - forthcoming album “It Comes In Waves”)
11. Jani Lane “Lay Your Hands On Me” (unreleased - forthcoming album "Tribute To Bon Jovi")
12. Shades Of Grey “If You Say” (unreleased - forthcoming album "Century")
13. Aina “No Pleasure Without The Pain” (unreleased - recent album "Living In A Boy's World")
14. Rain “Insobriety” (unreleased - forthcoming album "Stronger")
15. Robert Louden “Temptation” (unreleased - forthcoming album "Robert Louden")
16. Silver “Prescious” (unreleased - recent album "Gold")

Cd 2 additional Bonus Cd (not reviewed here): „Best Of Mtm Music“:
01. Tower City “Talking To Sarah” (taken from the album „a Little Bit Of Fire“)
02. Cita “Silent Soldiers” (taken from the album “Relapse Of Reason”)
03. Dare “Some Day” (taken from the album “Calm Before The Storm”)
04. Sahara Snow / Rick Springfield “Heaven” (taken from the album “Sahara Snow”)
05. Axe “Life In The Furnace” (taken from the album album “axe Five”)
06. Danger Danger “Goin’ Goin’ Gone” taken from the album “Four The Hard Way”)
07. Harlan Cage “Dearborn Station” (taken from the album “Double Medication Tuesday”)
08. Steelhouse Lane “Son Of A Loaded Gun” (taken from the album Slaves Of The New World”)
09. Hughes Turner Project “You Can’t Stop Rock N’ Roll” (taken from the album “htp”)
10. Tnt “Give Me A Sign” (taken from the album “My Religion”)
11. Jaded Heart “Live And Let Die” (taken from the album “jaded Heart - Iv”)
12. Tony Martin “Surely Love Is Dead” (taken from the album “Scream”)
13. Vengeance “Back In The Ring” (taken from the album “Back In The Ring”)
14. Fate “Everything About You” (taken from the album “Fate V”)
15. Warrant “Dirty Jack” (taken from the album “Born Again”)
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