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Million Dollar Beggars - Gone With The Flow (single)
Evolved from several Finnish bands with one common passion, Rock and Roll like it was played in the good old Eighties that’s the story about Million Dollar Beggars in a nutshell. They came together earlier this year and the first single is a fact. Gone With The Flow has the doubtful honour to clear the path for the full length that will be released later this year.
From the first tone of Gone With The Flow, which is also the title of the first song, I picture myself standing on stage with one foot on the monitor going completely crazy. This is one of those typical sounds that wants to give an ode to all those great bands that played in the eighties. So it isn’t very strange that a lot of influences of bands like Mötley Crue, Def Leppard and Skid Row are present.
Luckily enough Million Dollar Beggars used the technology of today to create the album. This has given the album quite a transparent sound. The vocals are mainly in the front but they never overshadow the great guitar riffs or the sublime keyboard parts.
If this single is the precursor of a full length album of good old eighties rock and roll they got me very curious. Most of the songs rock like hell and give you the idea you’re back in the era of tight pants and awful hairstyles. Especially songs like ‘Gone With The Flow’ and ‘Down And Out’ which wouldn’t have done bad in the hit lists in the mid eighties. Just a great single that keeps you off the street with a nice cold beer in your hand.
Million Dollar Beggars - Gone With The Flow (single)
80/1001Details Tunerail Records
Released on Thursday Oct 26th, 2006
Rock and Roll

Writer @Niamen on Thursday Oct 26th, 2006

Tags: #Million Dollar Beggars
Tracklisting 1. Gone With The Flow
2. Delirium
3. Understand
4. Down And Out
Line up Micko Hell - lead and backing vocals
Toni Bite - lead and rhythm guitars
Bazil Rockheart - lead and rhythm guitars,backing vocals
Hardy Diamond - lead and rhythm guitars
Willie the Pimp - bass
TT Branen - keyboards
Ditch the Bitchstick - drums