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Tor Marrock - The Death Of Summer
Demo’s, always hard to review….
On the information sheet they send me with the demo I read Tor Marrock makes dark gothic death concept metal. That doesn’t sound bad to me.

A demo with 10 songs.. Well these guys from Wales surely had some inspiration. But can this band offer some quality songs? First of all I can tell you the sound quality is not that good, but it is a demo, so I am not surprised. I’ve heard worse.
About the songs: it’s dark, it’s gothic, it’s death, but it just doesn’t do anything to me. It’s very obvious this band doesn’t exists that long, the musicians are not super talented, but there are tons of metal bands with simple songs that I do like. But every time I listened The Death Of Summer I had the feeling I missed something. They really tried to create a dark atmosphere, but it just sounds too hollow. In my opinion I would consider a keyboard player.

Another thing: The first track has this cut off ending. I guess that is not how it had to end.
Of course there are some nice parts I enjoyed, but that are just some short parts. After a while The Death Of Summer gets boring. It just cannot hold my attention.
Tor Marrock - The Death Of Summer
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Released on Friday Oct 20th, 2006
Gothic death metal

Writer @Arcane on Sunday Oct 29th, 2006

Tags: #Tor Marrock
Tracklisting 1. Death of summer
2. Throw yourself into our empty well
3. Cortege
4. Silence
5. There’s no heaven in your eyes
6. Iridescent
7. This man has felt the whore
8. Poison of summer
9. Gothic romance
10. Heavens death lights kindle
Line up Tor Marrock - guitar, vocals
Luchar Ith - drums
Cailleach Bheur - bass