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Vidharr - Rising From Abyss
Nowadays it’s very simple to record your own demo. There are tons of simple and free recording programs on the internet. I like that, this way I get to know a lot of bands. On the other hand it also gives crappy bands the opportunity to release crappy demo’s and albums. Let’s find out if it is a good thing Vidharr recorded their own demo.
Vidharr was founded in 2003. In 2005 they found a stable line-up to record this demo called Rising From Abyss. Well the quality is really not bad for a black metal demo. I’ve heard albums released by labels that sounded very bad compared to this demo. The demo contains four songs, two own songs, a demo and an outro.

The style cannot be called unique, it’s just some nice old school black metal like they are used to play in Scandinavia, but performed very well. I really love the second song, ‘Evil’s Glory’ , it’s very aggressive, and has some strong simple riffs.

Then there is the cover ‘Carpathian Forest’ of course by Carpathian Forest. And it sounds like Carpathian Forest. This cover was a good choice, because it fits well with their self written songs. The outro is varies from an acoustic part that turns into a dark and sinister black metal atmosphere without any drums, it’s sounds very simple but in my opinion it’s a nice sinister outro that fits very well.

Two (little) minuspoints: 1.the drummer should practice a little more on his double bass skills. 2. This demo is way too short, I want more!
Vidharr - Rising From Abyss
No ScoreDetails Independent
Released on Tuesday Oct 24th, 2006
Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Sunday Oct 29th, 2006

Tags: #Vidharr
Tracklisting 1. Murder in snow
2. Evil’s Glory
3. Carpathian Forest (cover)
4. After the war (outro)
Line up Nuriel – vocals
Velnias – guitar
Morke – guitar
Kyllian – bass
Fo – drums