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Sammath - Dodengang
I listen black metal very often when I'm fucked up and aggressive... Does it make me cool down? No... should it?

Sammath is welknown in the Netherlands by the black metal fans. Sammath already released 2 promos, a demo and 2 albums if I’m right. Started as a one man project with drumcomputers. Luckily Sammath is a 2 men band now, with real drums.

But there are also a lot of people in The Netherlands that don’t know this band, and let’s not forget all the foreigners. So what can you expect from Dodengang

The album begins with a threatening intro, then it’s time for the first real song. It immediately begins very aggressive and there is this very weird, but very cool, synthesiser-like guitar lick. Well I assume it is a guitar. I never heard something like it before in this kind of music, but I really like it. No compromises on this track, just crushing black metal blasts. It just sounds like its title ‘Ravager’.

The next song, ‘Dodengang’, begins sinister and melodic, and then there is the savage monster again that rips you apart. Then the song gets a little easier, and turns into a battle; machineguns, granates, I guess it’s WWII. Then the music begins again, and after you hear an incoming bomb, hell breaks loose again. I really love this song, it’s pure aggression combined with emotion.

Ashes to Ashes’, a typical fast and furious black metal track, like it should be. Nothing but anger in this song. The song ‘Stalingrad has the same recipe. Sammath really wrote some awesome songs for this record, I must say. There is not a tiny part that misfits.

The production fits very well, it’s cold, well balanced and sounds very professional. So if you like raw, fast and aggressive black metal, this is the perfect addition to your cd collection.
Sammath - Dodengang
90/1001Details Folter Records
Released on Thursday Aug 31st, 2006
Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Oct 30th, 2006

Tags: #Sammath
Tracklisting 1. To Hell
2. Ravager
3. Dodengang
4. Ashes to ashes
5. Imminence, war&death
6. Stalingrad
7. Oblivion
8. Merciless
Line up J. Kruitwagen – guitars, vocals, bass
Koos Bos – drums