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Crackjaw - Giants From The Stereo
Yesterday (21st October 2006) New Jersey hardcore band Agents Of Man got to play in the Goudvishal Netherlands. Almost halfway their European tour they were ready to show us Dutch folks what Agents Of Man is all about. Me and my man Shaydee had a chat earlier that night with frontman George M. Check the interview out here!
We also talked with Crackjaw bassist Riccardo Hernandez. A most friendly guy from Detroit. Great thing here is that they are all friends with Agents Of Man. They know each other for ages and now they meet again on the other half of the world. After getting all deep and shit he passed me their record. Probably as a check if I’d really review the record like I promised. Well, here I am dude! I told him I was not really into hardcore but he ensured me that I’d like Crackjaw. Pretty curious as I am it’s time that I throw their record in my cd-player.
With an immediately knock down scream by vocalist Ian Thomas I finally wake up for real on this Sunday morning. I also understand what Riccardo meant with that this is not like the hardcore I heard the night before. Though they’re on I Scream Records this is way more melodic and less aggressive. This rocks! And it rocks hard!
Like I seek in music Crackjaw gives you a combination of loud, heavy but melodic music. From the opening song ‘Cameo’ till the bonus track ‘Japan 4’ you’ll be witnessing something new. Riccardo could not compare it with other bands and neither can I.
Crackjaw is not about fast up-tempo songs. Even with ‘The Kings’ Inn’, which is one of the few songs that has some speed in it, they manage to give it such a spin that made it totally unpredictable. Well, this whole record is unpredictable. Not like the music contains out of chaos but they have created a sound of their own. Something that many bands aren’t able to do.
You do hear a lot of different genres in their music. Like the hardcore stuff. It’s definitely present. Take a listen to ‘Without A Scream’ or ‘Eric Decision’ and you’ll know what I mean. Next to that they have this song called ‘The Sequal To I’m Sorry’ which is a sort of sing-a-long poppy ballad.
In the end you’ll find plenty of energetic heavy rock orientated adrenaline on Giants From The Stereo! With their 34 minutes spread over 11 songs they showed me this is some good crack! It broke my jaw….(jolly me!)
Riccardo, all the best with Crackjaw. You've got our support! Till next time!
Love Maurits
Crackjaw - Giants From The Stereo
87/1001Details I Scream Records
Released on Tuesday May 16th, 2006

Writer @Maurits on Monday Oct 30th, 2006

Tags: #Crackjaw
Tracklisting 1. Cameo
2. The King's Inn
3. Spent Time Milkshaken
4. The Giant Warmup
5. Eric Decision
6. Kristen Karisma
7. The Sequel To I'm Sorry
8. Spirit Week
9. Out Like Vinyl
10. Without A Scream
11. Japan 4 (demo version) Bonus Track
Line up Ian Thomas - Vocals
David Miller II - Drums
Rian Pennanen - Guitar
Riccardo Hernandez - Bass