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Contradiction - The Warchitect
Contradiction is a German melodic thrash metal band that has been releasing material since 1993. Last year they released The Voice Of Hatred, and now they return to bring us The Warchitect.
Melodic thrash metal is definitely a good desciption for what these guys do. I can hear a lot of Testament on this album, but also some Kreator. Also mentioned in their biography are Slayer and Sepultura, but those influences are not as obvious as the other two. The music goes from mid-tempo pounding, to faster thrash-parts, to scream-along choruses. Especially those choruses are in abundance on The Warchitect. The vocalist really reminds me of Dew-Scented’s Leif, but a bit less harsh. Must be some kind of German thing.
Personally I prefer my thrash metal a bit more aggressive and faster, but for a real fanatic of eighties thrash I guess The Warchitect is a highly enjoyable disc. The songs sound well thought through and they are executed nice and tight. I cannot really give remarks on the area of quality. Maybe that this stuff is far from original, but isn’t that always the case with thrash metal these days? My point exactly. The thing I do really appreciate is the fact that there are a lot of second guitar parts. While the rhythm guitar boosts along with the bass, some nice lead guitar stuff is layered over that. And another nice addition to the disc is a cool Motörhead cover of their song 'Rock 'n Roll' , the title says it all!
So for those into not-too-heavy and brutal thrash metal, check out Contradiction’s new album, coming November 17th.  Rock on!
Contradiction - The Warchitect
78/1001Details Armageddon Music
Released on Friday Nov 17th, 2006
thrash metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Nov 1st, 2006

Tags: #Contradiction
Tracklisting 1. Your God
2. The Warchitect
3. The End Of All Things To Come
4. Thunderstorm
5. Shadowsoul
6. Tunes Of War
7. The Heritage
8. Thrash Metal
9. Peacemaker
10. Godsend
11. What Am I
12. Rock 'n Roll
Line up Karsten Heyn - bass
Tim Obernyer - drums
Oliver 'Koffer' Lux - vocals, guitar
Oliver K�mper - guitar, backing vocals