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Regurgitate - Sickening Bliss
Regurgitate is a name that will ring a bell throughout the heads of many gore grind fans, for they have produced some very nice discs with ear squashing grindcore filled with a good dosage of harmonized vocals. Their best record up to date in my opinion is the “Carnivorous Erection” album. Their latest album “Deviant” I found a little bit less interesting, but nonetheless blasted hard. I’m going to review their newest disc of vomit called Sickening Bliss.
The record starts out with some intro and I expected some music like on “Deviant” but I was totally surprised when the first real track called ‘Abducens Eminence’ started. Superb crashing guitars, and my most pleasant surprise, totally harmonized vocals, just like the “Carnivorous Erection” album. Throughout the record, I’m almost lured to say this is C.E. part 2, which I really wanted to hear! Regurgitate isn’t Regurgitate without that extreme kick ass harmonized vocal style. There is also some normal screaming on it, but way less than their previous record. It’s obvious the pitch shifter is back in camp Regurgitate. The average track length is around 50 seconds, which makes it possible to create 26 outstanding tracks. The length of the album is perfect with somewhat more than 30 minutes.
Also, the cover artwork is quite interesting again, with a woman holding her own bowels. Nice one! The track titles are funny again, and are filled with medical references, as usual! Fuck the originality, I swear to this record! Honestly, my year turned from bad to superb due to this record. Nah, that’s plain crap of course, but I can tell you that I’m really fond of it. This probably explains my awfully high mark for this one.
I can recommend to buy this one instantly, don’t wait, don’t pre-listen, just buy this goddarned album! I’ll conclude this review by saying that Regurgitate are back, stronger than ever and remember! ‘Barfbags Not Included’.
Regurgitate - Sickening Bliss
96/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Monday Oct 23rd, 2006
Gore Grind

Writer @Mat-Core on Wednesday Nov 1st, 2006

Tags: #Regurgitate
Tracklisting 1: Bliss
2: Abducens Eminence
3: Euphoric State Of Butchery
4: Cocoon Of Filth
5: Putrid Serenity
6: Tenderizing The Malformed
7: Violent Necrophilic Climax
8: Cavernous Sores
9: Reborn In Latrinic Ecstasy
10: Bleed On Me
11: Gutrot Hogfrenzy
12: Undying Lust For Cadaverous Molestation
13: Battered With A Brick
14: Devoured By Ghouls
15: Addiction (An Unconditional Love For Blasphemous Perversions)
16: (We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum
17: Worm Eater
18: Perish In Blood
19: Upheaval Of Human Entrails
20: Bathed In Feculence
21: Bestial Sons Of Devastation
22: Defile
23: Deterioration Of Grated Genitals
24: Excremental Investment
25: Hacksaw Hysterectomy
26: Catatonic Possession
Line up Vocals - Rikard Jansson
Guitar - Urban Skytt
Bass - Johan Jansson
Drums - Jocke Pettersson