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Brian Posehn - Live in 'Nerd Rage'
Brian Posehn: Live In ‘Nerd Rage’ is probably the first “comedy CD” that I got in my hands during the time I have been writing for Metalrage. Brian Posehn might be known to some of you more TV/movie orientated readers, the man has had a recurring role in “Just Shoot Me” and he appeared in Rob Zombie’s “The Devils Rejects”. He also has his own stand-up comedy show called “Nerd Rage”, which features Posehn’s outlook on geeks, pop culture and metal.
Posehn’s work doesn’t rely on profanity in general (compared to George Carlin for example), but he doesn’t shy from vulgar situations like his dog accidentally ‘licking’ his wife and commenting that he isn’t even allowed to do that. One of the highlights on the disc is the song “Metal By The Numbers” (featuring Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Testament/The Cult drummer John Tempesta), which is a take on modern “metal” music. Cliché ridden as it can get but true in it’s message (Here comes the part where the singer sounds like he wants to fight!). Most topics are mostly about being a nerd, listening to metal and of course being married. Personally I suspected a little bit more metal-related fun but talking crap about the Star Wars prequels did make up for that.
The thing with these CD’s is that since it’s just an audio format, you are missing out on the actual show. Comedy is also a very visual thing and I’m sure that this is more hilarious if you see the man himself. On the other hand, Posehn is a really funny guy so if you’re a fan of standup comedy it’s worth checking out.
Brian Posehn - Live in 'Nerd Rage'
80/1001Details Relapse
Released on Tuesday Jul 11th, 2006

Writer @Carn on Sunday Nov 5th, 2006

Tags: #Brian Posehn
Tracklisting 1. Opening/I’m a good friend
2. Dork for thirty years
3. Married life- sorry fat dudes
4. Puppy time
5. Religion’s weird
6. Movie ruiners/ the unholy trilogy
7. Monkey birthday
8. Reunion
9. No dirty magazines
10. Show a little neck
11. Late night TV
12. The news
13. Quitting pot
14. Baby/kitty porn
15. War’s over/new boobs
16. Nerd rage/the mattress story
17. Yelling stuff
18. Metal by Numbers
19. Titannica interview
20. Try Again, Again
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