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Four Letter Lie - Let Your Body Take Over
What is the thing these days with bands sounding just as un-original as the smell of my shorts after a week or so? Four Letter Lie (I think that refers to ‘love’ but I can already think of some other four letter words that define the band pretty well: lame, yawn, dull, dumb, crap…) The guys play the already overdone mix of Atreyu/From Autumn to Ashes metalcore-ish angry man screamed vocals and the choirboy clean vocals, mixed up with cheese-downs.
And oh my god, the promotional pictures are worse than those of the Backstreet Boys. It’s almost INSULTING to those boybands. I guess the playing on the record is OK, same for the production. It all sounds clean and nice and so predictable that I didn’t have a clue which songs I listened to since they are all the same. If I was in a forgiving mood I could conclude that most of the songs are catchy and aren't bad from a songwriting perspective, but the same goes for 90% of all generic popmusic so saying that that is a good thing is quite useless. I've heard everything on this record been done better by other bands. The guitarplaying is hardly rememberable, the drumming is average as best and the vocalists could be from any emo-band down the road. It just makes me sad.
This might be a very negative review but in the end I guess that fans of the genre (14 year old girls with Underoath shirts) will probably like this Flavour of the Month-core. But what good does that do if the band will probably be gone from existence in 2 years just like their peers? I`ll go out with some conclusions from other reviews:
- “extremely plain and distasteful garbage” Pastepunk
- “what we have here is a band in dire need of direction, maturity, and most of all an own sound” XSEBX
Four Letter Lie - Let Your Body Take Over
29/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 31st, 2006

Writer @Carn on Sunday Nov 5th, 2006

Tags: #Four Letter Lie
Tracklisting 1. Diary Of A Scientist
2. Full Tilt Boogie
3. Naked Girl Avalanche
4. Fell Like Fame
5. Ordinary Life
6. It Was A Business Doing Pleasure
7. Let Your Body Take Over
8. Baby You're My Bad Habit
9. Firecracker
10. Tell Me About Everything
11. Cowboys And Indians
12. Rocky Loves Emily
Line up Brian Nagan - Vocals
Kevin Skaff - Guitar/Vocals
Connor Kelly - Guitar/Vocals
Derek Smith - Drums
John Waltmann – Bass