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Squealer A.D. - Confrontation Street
After the release of Under The Cross in 2002 the guys from Squealer A.D. sent in their album to the management of Judas Priest together with the request for a supporting spot on the bill in Germany. Little did they knew about what was to follow after that request. The Priest management liked the album so much that Squealer A.D. was offered a permanent supporting spot during the entire Judas Priest tour. Quite an achievement and definitely something that sounds interesting enough to check out.
First of all I gotta say that I like the way this band plays its music. Without any bullshit that is. The songs aren’t extremely complex and I think that’s exactly the strength of this band. The music lies somewhere between heavy, power and thrash metal but without the high vocals. Every now and then Squealer A.D. comes up with a catchy chorus which contributes to that ‘easy-to-listen-to-sound’ I mentioned before.
Though, the music is not really able of keeping my attention throughout the album. I don’t know whether this is because it’s just not something I would listen to myself some time soon or just because the music isn’t that attractive. I think it’s the first one ‘cause music wise there’s nothing really bad on this album.
All in all I think this is a decent album that could very well please quite some people out there. Just bang your head, sing and scream along and jump through your room like a monkey. Or just sit still and enjoy some simple but effective music. Just give it a try if you like.
Squealer A.D. - Confrontation Street
72/1001Details AFM Records
Released on Friday Oct 20th, 2006
Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal

Writer @Boek on Monday Nov 6th, 2006

Tags: #Squealer A.D.
Tracklisting 01. Black Tongue
02. Infanticide
03. Devils Backbone
04. Kamikaze Nation
05. Punishment Of Luxury
06. Eat My Sin
07. Blood Red Halo
08. New Sun Rising
09. Left Bleeding (By Love)
10. Faith Or Fury
11. Silent Mandarin (Unit 731)
Line up Gus Chambers - Vocals
Lars D�ring - Guitar
Michael Schiel - Guitar
Michael Kaspar - Bass
Martin Buchwalter - Drums