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Agro - Ritual 6
Not often do we get a release created by a South African band. Sometimes we do though. And this time it’s Ritual 6 by the band Agro. The band formed in 1992 and has released five full lengths before this one. They’ve toured in Germany a couple of years ago and they even toured Botswana. How cool is that?! Well I’m sure the band has an interesting history but the thing we’d like to know is: is Agro capable of playing some decent heavy metal?
Agro plays solid heavy metal and fortunately doesn’t stick too much to the old-skool heavy metal sound. The music sounds pretty modern and to be honest I can’t really find that much bad parts in the songs either. Though, the vocals are a little dull. I think there could have been a lot more variation in that aspect ‘cause for me they don’t really add something special to the songs. They actually make the songs sound a little too much the same sometimes.
The guitar solo’s on the album aren’t that special either but to call ‘em bad wouldn’t be fair. On the other hand, I like the fact that a couple of songs contain almost progressive-like parts. I believe that really adds to the originality ‘cause Agro sure isn’t something new on heavy metal grounds. Overall the songs are well played but occasionally the keyboards are really freakin’ me out. For example in the song ‘Whizzdel’. What’s that all about dudes? You like Christmas or something? Way too happy tunes for such a heavy album!
If it was up to me I would do something more about the production next time. Not that it’s bad, ‘cause I like the fact the music has a somewhat rawer sound but because the bass drums aren’t present that much in the songs. Too bad! They could have added something more to the heaviness on Ritual 6.
Well to give an answer to the question I raised before; Agro definitely knows how to play decent heavy metal but I’ll leave it at that. Just decent heavy metal. 
Agro - Ritual 6
65/1001Details Armageddon Music
Released on Friday Oct 13th, 2006
Modern Heavy Metal

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Nov 8th, 2006

Tags: #Agro
Tracklisting 01. Thukutela
02. Carpe Diem
03. 10 x Over
04. Time Heals Old Wounds
05. B.D.F.P.
06. C7511
07. Whizzdel
08. TR333
09. The Crimson Sea
10. Willowmore
11. A Place Of Healing
Line up Cliff Crabb - Vocals
Shane Pennicott - Guitar
Robert Riebler - Bass
Grant Merricks - Drums
Nick Vassilev - Keyboards