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Tokyo Dragons - Come On Baby EP
On the contrary of the band name, Tokyo Dragons resides in London and have released their debut album a year ago. This debut album, Give Me The Fear, entered the British Rock Chart at number 23. The EP Come On Baby was released several months later in early 2006 and a few weeks ago it entered my mailbox. In Great Britain several hardrock and metal magazines are very enthusiastic about Tokyo Dragons, so now it’s my time to check them out.
The EP Come On Baby contains several recordings of the title track. First of all it starts with the album version of ‘Come On Baby’, later on the album a live version of the song goes by and even the video clip of ‘Come On Baby’ is present on the EP. Considering the fact that the song ‘Come On Baby’ is already on their debut album the most fans already have this song. Luckily enough for them there are also three new songs on this EP.
The straight in your face rock ‘n roll of Tokyo Dragons sounds a lot like a mixture of AC/DC, Danko Jones and the New York Dolls and sounds very catchy. During this EP it’s almost impossible to sit still or not to tap along with your foot.
This EP is a great way of getting to know Tokyo Dragons if you like the bands that are mentioned before. With good solid rock songs like ‘Come On Baby’ and ‘High On Hate
they proof they’re capable of writing great rock songs with a great sense of humour. Especially the video clip of 'Come On Baby' is a great example of this.
Tokyo Dragons - Come On Baby EP
70/1001Details Escapi Music
Released on Wednesday Nov 8th, 2006
Rock 'n Roll

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Nov 8th, 2006

Tags: #Tokyo Dragons
Tracklisting 01. Come On Baby
02. High On Hate
03. Everybody That's Right
04. This Means War
05. Get 'Em Off (live)
06. Johnny Don't Wanna Ride (live)
07. Come On Baby (Live)
08. Come On Baby (Video)
Line up Steve Lomax - vocals,guitar
Mal Bruk - guitar,vocals
Mathias Stady - Bass
Phil Martini - Drums,vocals