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Comando Caveira - Ataque Terrorista
Comando Caveira is from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The band formed in 2004. All band members have been in a lot of other bands, which I’ve never heard of like Excretator (15 years ago) Corpse Grinder (must be about 100 bands called like that) and Analust, amongst others.. The info sheet proudly states this album was recorded live, with all band members playing at the same time. I don’t think it’s something to be proud of actually, ‘cause it sounds like shit.
Seeing the names of the bands these guys played in before, they’ve come up with some more serious lyrics. From the CD-booklet: “This CD tells stories about braveheart men and human interests, without make any vindication to government op ideology. We support peace and equality, almost impossible dreams to reach.”
Comando Caveira set out to produce a mix of different styles of 80’s Metal, Punk, Hardcore and Crust. Although they succeeded and came up with some pretty OK songs, it still sounds like shit. It sounds so outdated, I think only people who haven’t bought any new albums for 20 years will really like it. You just don’t record your songs this way and call it a full length album anno 2006. You don’t! This should have been a demo tape, released in 1986.
I find myself liking some of the songs because of their sheer rawness and energy. But still, it sounds like shit.
Comando Caveira - Ataque Terrorista
45/1001Details Endless Brutality of Men rec.
Released on Thursday Nov 9th, 2006
Old school Metal/Crust Punk

Writer @Semen on Thursday Nov 9th, 2006

Tags: #Comando Caveira
Tracklisting 1. Passaros De Guerra
2. Ataque Terrorista
3. Comando Caveira
4. Cruz Vermelha
5. F.E.B.
6. Fogo Cruzado
7. P.Q.D.
8. Zona De Guerra
9. Jovens Soldatos
10. Forca De Paz
11. Faca Na Caveira
12. Faixa De Gaza
Line up L�o (Ameaca): bass and vocals
Fabio (Coisinha): drums
Alex: Guitar and vocals