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Slunt - One Night Stand
Slunt was formed in 2002 by MTV2 VJ Abby Gennet, and they released their first album in 2005. After this a bass player was added and the foursome was complete. Now they return to treat us on a One Night Stand.
What we have here is a piece of no-holding-back sexy rock ‘n roll from New York City. A nicely produced collection of rocking cliché’s and lyrics that would indeed as the bio states make a schoolboy blush. Unfortunately the album makes no impact on me whatsoever. It has a nice production, but the stuff they play is so boring I have trouble listening to the end of it.
Lyrically I don’t get turned on at all. Although there is talk of anal sex, threesomes, dirty blondes and drinking like a motherfucker, I definitely don’t get in the partying mood. One cliché after another is thrown at the listener, and after three songs I already feel like just playing some old fashioned AC/DC. Abby’s voice is definitely not a pleasure to listen to besides that she occasionally sounds like Gwen Stefani, but doesn’t manage to maintain such a decent sound. This band certainly doesn’t rock like No Doubt once did!
Overall it is not worth listening to One Night Stand, unless you’re a helpless addict to rock ‘n roll. The music is just a repetition of what we’ve been hearing since the Young brothers from Australia learned to play guitar, and the voice doesn’t get me horny at all, although they convey that it’s supposed to. I do reckon that they might have an interesting live show, but they’ll have to come back over here to prove that. For now, One Night Stand doesn’t do it.

PS. Check their site for lots of titty pictures!
Slunt - One Night Stand
50/1001Details Repossession Records
Released on Friday Oct 27th, 2006
Rock n Roll

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Nov 12th, 2006

Tags: #Slunt
Tracklisting 1. When You Like It
2. Mr. One Night Stand
3. Lost Girl
4. Absinthe In Munich
5. Dirty Blonde
6. Need You Tonight
7. Here To Rock
8. Over It
9. Don't Care
10. Give You Love
11. Push
12. ?
13. ?
Line up Abby Gennet - Vocals, Guitar&Prom Queen Gone Bad
Pat Harrington - Lead Guitar&Official PBR Spokesperson
Charles Ruggiero - Sticks, Licks&Booties on Chicks
Jhen Kobran - Ruler of All Things Bass