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Die Hunns - You Rot Me
Ofcourse everybody has heard  before of Duane Peters. The legendary skater and frontman of not only the US Bombs but also of Die Hunns. Die Hunns the band that was formed by Duane Peters  in 2000 under the name of Duane Peters and The Hunns. In 2002 Duane Peters met his future wife Corey Parks who just stopped playing bass at Nashville Pussy. Corey Parks joined Duane Peters and the name of the band was changed to Die Hunns.
You Rot Me is already the second full-length album of Die Hunns and starts with ‘Mad Society’. This song immediately gives a nice impression of what we should expect of the album. A mixture of good old punk rock with influences of The Stooges and Ramones and also a bit of 60’s Rock ‘N Roll.
Only it's a shame that this mixture doesn’t workout that good on the album. The music sounds several times very uninteresting, like the musicians had no fun at all recording this album. Like they’re thinking let’s do this quick so we can get on tour or do something different.
With vocals of not only Duane Peters himself but also his wife Corey Parks you get pleased by both raw punk rock and sometimes a more subtle kind of singing. Of course this variety gives the album a bit more dimension and atmosphere, but it’s not enough to push the album to a higher level. Which is also one of the problems with this album. All the music sounds nice and the vocals are good but it’s never great.
Overall You Rot Me isn’t a bad album it’s just that I have the feeling it could have been so much better. Like the musicians didn’t push themselves to their limits. Finally at the end of the album the long awaited kick in the ass comes in the way of ‘47th Street’.  But after this song the album goes by as quietly as before.
Die Hunns - You Rot Me
65/1001Details People Like You
Released on Friday Oct 13th, 2006
Punk Rock

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Nov 12th, 2006

Tags: #Die Hunns
Tracklisting 01. Mad Society
02. Jorge’
03. You Rot Me
04. Don’t Want To Hear It
05. Rock N Roll Boulevard
06. Die For Me
07. Ain’t It A Shame
08. 47th Street
09. On My Mind
10. Night Like Tonight
Line up Duane Peters - Vocals
Corey Parks - Vocals, Bass
Nate Shaw - Guitar
Zander Schloss - Guitar
Jamie Reidling - Drums