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Daemonlord - Hellfire Centuries
Lack of inspiration, that must be the main factor with bands with crappy band names. Daemonlord, well I never heard that name before. But there is also a bright side, crappy names mostly tell you what kind of music it is, because it is so cliché.

When I hear the name Daemonlord, I immediately think about black metal, and I guess most of you do too. Well we were right. After releasing 2 demo’s, 2 full-length albums, some splits and some EP’s, Daemonlord thought they had to release another album, called Hellfire Centuries.

I guessed that after so many releases Daemonlord should have recorded an album with a good production and a good mix. Well I was wrong. I can’t say anything bad about the music itself, the compositions are quite nice. But the production is far from good if you ask me. The screams have way too much distortion and contain less variation. Besides that, the drums sound way too computer-like. I guess they don’t have a real drummer 'cause it really sounds like it is programmed. To me the blasts sound like machineguns. But when you know the themes of the songs (mostly war), it actually fits. The balance between the instruments is okay, but the vocals are a little too loud.

It really is a pity Daemonlord is okay with the mix, because the songs themselves have potential. The band sure wrote some nice riffs. This isn’t a record I’ll play very often, and that is not because the songs suck, but because of the fact the vocals and drums drive me nuts.
Daemonlord - Hellfire Centuries
55/1001Details Ketzer Records
Released on Monday Sep 25th, 2006
Black metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Nov 13th, 2006

Tags: #Daemonlord
Tracklisting 1. Rifles And Hammers
2. Riding The Mushhushu
3. Moments Of Bereavement
4. The Shattering
5. Ancient Goddess Of Lust And Battle
6. The Cannibals Of Maarat
7. The Path Of Glory
8. Apocalypse Revisted
9. Wasteland 2035
10. Kill The Descendants Of Christ
11. The Sharpened Edge Of Ignorance
Line up Kepa: Heavy artillery
Egnar: Nuclear screams