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Scars Of Tomorrow - The Failure In Drowning
Judging by the cover these guys are either huge 36 Crazyfists fans or not at all into checking out covers of other bands. Really, the cover looks nice but I kinda feel like I’ve seen this one before. Fortunately there’s more than just the cover. There’s music. Heavy music. Metalcore.
Because the previous album, The Horror Or Realization, wasn’t really what I’m looking for in music, I hoped for more on this album. I hoped for catchier songs and more originality but unfortunately this album brings a somewhat different direction than I had hoped for. This album reminds me of Atreyu. A lot! It's not original and besides that not my taste at all! The only thing that makes this music better than Atreyu (in my opinion) is that Scars Of Tomorrow sounds more nastier and thus more metalcore. Fortunately there’s not really the emo influence in this music. This makes it a bit more bearable ‘cause the originality isn’t stunning on this album.
When listening to this album I don’t feel like I’m listening to different songs but more like I’m listening to one very long song. Which means; they all sound pretty much alike to me. I really, really hoped for the best on this new album but I can’t help but saying this is just the next Victory Records band, like there aren’t enough of ‘em out there yet. A pity ‘cause with the previous album I felt like there was more potential in this band.
Sure, there’s plenty of moshing parts in the music and it all sounds pretty damn heavy. That’s why people still listen metal in the first place right? Not always do we want originality but in a genre that’s so hyped these days I really wanna hear something different. I hope Scars Of Tomorrow will distinguish itself more in the future.
I guess you get the point about The Failure In Drowning now, the decision to buy this is yours! I’d say, save that money for some real good stuff.
Scars Of Tomorrow - The Failure In Drowning
62/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 31st, 2006

Writer @Boek on Monday Nov 13th, 2006

Tags: #Scars Of Tomorrow
Tracklisting 01. Lost In The Moment
02. The Failure In Drowning
03. Broken Silence
04. The Unwinding
05. The Silence Of Sorrow
06. The Wandering
07. Nashville
08. Relive The Curse
09. Face Plastered In Black
10. The Untold Truth
11. Your Hand This Vice
Line up Mike Milford - Vocals
Joey Atkins - Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Fifield - Guitar
Mike Boccuzzi - Bass
Justin Salinas - Drums