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Blue October - Foiled
They acclaim to be not just the average, everyday rock band. Formed in Houston in the late ‘90s rock formation Blue October is releasing their fifth album through Universal Records in the States. It isn’t released in Europe as of yet but that does not stop in reviewing this album. With epic live shows and the exploration of subjects like mental depression, drug use, love, betrayal, forgiveness and cathartic transcendence the band build up quite a following in the US.

When my contact introduced me with Blue October and I heard the first track on their MySpace page I was impressed by the refreshing sound these guys create. The music of Blue October is the type of music people like or hate. This might be the reason why Blue October was dropped shortly after releasing their major debut album. But Universal corrected this error and resigned the band after their next album. In 2006 the band released their fifth album ‘Foiled’.

Influenced by Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Flaming Lips and U2 the band does manage to create a new and refreshing sound which can be defined as 'atmospheric' rock. But on the other hand I am missing speed on the album. The various songs really impressed me but halfway through the disc it kind of gets boring a bit. I only hear a more bombastic rhythm in the song ‘Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek’ and I would like to hear more beside songs which sound the same. But the combination of old and new is still quite impressive, songs like ‘Congratulations (Ft. Imogen Heap)’ and ‘X Amount Of Word’  are great songs. And to continue with good songs, opening track ‘You Make Me Smile’ is a great track to get introduced to this band.

The album ‘Foiled’ that the guys of Blue October delivered is an above average product. The sound is refreshing and it is a sound you won’t soon forget. Please check these guys out!
Blue October - Foiled
71/1001Details Universal Recrods
Released on Tuesday Apr 4th, 2006

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday Nov 16th, 2006

Tags: #Blue October
Tracklisting 1. You Make Me Smile
2. She's My Ride Home
3. Into The Ocean
4. What If We Could
5. Hate Me
6. Let It Go
7. Congratulations
8. Overweight
9. X-Amount of words
10. Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek
11. Sound Of Pulling Heaven Down
12. Everlasting Friend
13. 18th Floor Balcony
Line up Justin Furstenfeld: lead vocals/guitar
CB Hudson: guitars/vocals
Ryan Delahoussaye: violin/mandolin/piano/vocals
Matt Noveskey: bass/vocals
Jeremy Furstenfeld: drums/vocals