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Zeno - Runway To The Gods
And there it is. After eight years the wait is over, a new album from Uli Jon Roth’s younger brother Zeno Roth. Simply released under the name Zeno, comes Runway To The Gods.

Zeno’s bio reads as a who-is-who in important rockmusic history, bandwise and performer-wise, with names as Don Airey, Krokus and Ule Ritgen, this time he’s done it almost alone. Zeno proved himself a multi-instrumentalist once again, playing all instruments on this record and doing some lead and harmony vocals occasionally. The new album is said to be a masterpiece of the finest musicianship, songwriting and producing. A strong statement.
Opening track ‘Fanfares Of Love’ shows Zeno’s strength; uptempo fast melodic rocksongs with some outstanding guitarsolo’s and nice vocals (singer Michael Bormann shows himself a worthy replacement for ex vocalist Michael Flexig), and leaves the listener hungry for more.

Unfortunately the album doesn’t continue as strong as it started. The opening track being the strongest is not a negative thing per se, the other tracks are not bad, not bad at all actually, except for the two instrumentals, but just lack the intension of the first track.
The almost classical-starting “Sogno Di Angelo” instrumental looks like a nice song on first listen, after a few spins however it gets dull and pretty annoying.

With other tracks as “Shade Of Blue” and title track “Runway To The Gods”, all classic rock fans get what they could possibly want. Solid compositions, phenomenal guitarplaying, killer hooks and tons of melodic vocals. For the real die hard fans there’s even an almost ballad-like song, sung by Zeno himself. It looks like Zeno can really do it all by himself. 
Is this record indeed a masterpiece of finest musicianship, songwriting and producing? No.
The musicianship being amazing is no surprise, Zeno proved himself on previous albums, and the songwriting is pretty strong as well. Too bad though that the production lacks the quality that the music does have; the record sounds old and hollow and just could have been better in my perspective.

All in all ‘Runway To The Gods’ is a very strong album. Let’s hope Zeno will follow up this one with a new record that doesn’t take him another eight years.
Zeno - Runway To The Gods
85/1001Details MTM Music
Released on Friday Oct 20th, 2006

Writer @Bad Astronaut on Friday Nov 17th, 2006

Tags: #Zeno
Tracklisting Fanfares Of Love
Climb The Sky
Land Of Illusion
Shades Of Blue
Runway To The Gods
Sogno Di Angelo
Refugees (Longing For Paradise)
I Feel - I Live
Purify (Pilgrims Of Remembrance)
Do You Feel The Time
Sunset Birds Flying Home
Line up Zeno Roth - All Instruments
Michael Bormann - Vocals