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Zandelle - Vengeance Rising
After checking the mailbox impatiently every day I finally got it, my first album to review for Metalrage: ‘Zandelle – Vengeance Rising’. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be too difficult to write my first review, but they say it’s easier to charm something than to break it down…
After listening to the album a few times I must say that I have mixed feelings. The music on itself is really great. They’ve managed to find a great balance between complicated technical parts and simple but powerful riffs. On almost every song Anthony Maglio gives the best of himself with some very nice sounding, melodic guitar solos. Also the drums aren’t disappointing at all. The complex fills and the fast and heavy beats of drummer Joe Cardillo fit the music perfectly. A perfect example of this showmanship is the last song ‘Necromancer’, which has 9 minutes of typical good sounding power metal with simple but fluent melodies.
But it must be said, although the music is great, it doesn’t innovate at all. Zandelle’s music can easily be classified as a mixture of Hammerfall, Jag Panzer, Warlord and such. Also the album on itself doesn’t bring too much diversity. Let me say it like this, even after going through Vengeance Rising once more, I still couldn’t say which song is which! Every song is practically at the same, fast, tempo and the vocals sound pretty monotonous. And this is where the bad part comes in, the vocals… I’m not saying that mister George Tsalikis can’t sing, on the contrary, but there seems to be something missing. I just can’t listen to the complete album without getting annoyed by the singing. This could be a completely personal thing, though.
This album misses a few elements to be a must have, so lets keep an eye on Zandelle, hoping that they will continue like this. If they manage to take their music a step higher, they might become as good, or better, as the bands that are just a little bit better than they are now!
Zandelle - Vengeance Rising
73/1001Details Limb Music Products
Released on Friday Nov 10th, 2006
True US Power Metal

Writer @Peekay on Sunday Nov 19th, 2006

Tags: #Zandelle
Tracklisting 1. Blood Red Shores
2. Dragons Hoard
3. Invitation
4. Queen Anne’s Revenge
5. The Final Hour

The Beowulf Trilogy
6. I. Awakening
7. II. Vengeance Rising
8. III. Ancient Tale of Valor

9. Cry for Vengeance
10. Prophecy
11. Necromancer
Line up George Tsalikis – vocals
Joe “Jofu” Cardillo – drums
Anthony Maglio – guitar
Joe Hartoularos – bass