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The Ocean Fracture - The Sunmachine And The Ocean
When I was looking for some material of this band on the internet I soon found out this was worth giving a try. The Sunmachine And The Ocean is their debut (mini-)album and gets some really positive reactions in the press. To mention one: “Not too many bands have the balls to write music with the kind of jaw dropping ambition and eye on progression that The Ocean Fracture manage on this exceptional debut mini-album.” I think that says enough!
When it comes to progressive music I have to admit I’m still a rookie. I don’t know many progressive bands neither do I know any experimental hardcore bands. ‘Cause that’s what The Ocean Fracture really is, an experimental hardcore band. And with this mini-album they have created quite an impressive effort. The song structures can’t be called average but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to follow the music. It might be something you have to get into and you must definitely possess an open mind for this kind of music.
One moment the band provides a really tender atmosphere, soft, emotional and uplifting. To burst out the next moment in nasty screams and heavy musical structures. Fast, slow, soft, heavy it’s got it all. And done in a way you don’t hear very often. The songs sometimes breath out an atmosphere that’s dark and makes you feel like you’re about to witness the apocalypse. But then the soft and melodic parts kick in and you’ll get saved by the tenderness.
Really, if you’re into some serious heavy music without too much tempo changes and variation, don’t even bother to check out this band. This is something for the more open minded people that are looking for something new. If you feel like checking out something new, something experimental, check out The Ocean Fracture.
The Ocean Fracture - The Sunmachine And The Ocean
68/1001Details Eyesofsound
Released on Monday Aug 7th, 2006
Experimental Hardcore

Writer @Boek on Friday Nov 24th, 2006

Tags: #The Ocean Fracture
Tracklisting 1. Thalassa
2. Polaroid Intimacy
3. Shallows
4. Kaladitas
5. Kai.ilios.machina
Line up Steven Gillies - Vocals, Guitar
Paul McArthur - Guitar, Vocals
Martin Ritchie - Bass
Sean Campbell - Drums