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Chiraw - Resurrection
When I visited the Dry Kill Logic show with Buzzin Hornet, we were confronted with a new Dutch metal band called Chiraw. Thanks to our undeniable charms and humongous dongs we received demos to review after their show. I will review their debut Resurrection now, strongly holding in mind that this band doesn’t even exist for a year…
And that already is something to be proud of. They’re not even around for a year and they already have released a demo and opened up for Dry Kill Logic. Things could start out worse than this I’d say. But then again, the band’s members are still quite young, so I guess I should keep in mind that this might lead them to many places and this is only the beginning.
Because what you hear on Resurrection, is a straight forward metal band with some more modern influences in it, I guess I could say nu-metal and metalcore. To be honest, and I told this to frontman Robin too, I don’t think they’ll be playing any of these songs in two years anymore, or at least not in this form. Listening to this makes you realize that it can go many directions for this band, and that they really haven’t decided yet what their sound should be. I really find it hard to compare this band with something else, except for American Head Charge, but this is mainly due to the electronics that are involved in this band.
Vocally we are treated to a lot of variety. Good screams, some heavier roars and quite some clean singing. That last aspect sure does need a lot of work, because the power he packs in the brutal parts is what he misses in the melodies. Singing lessons will do that trick easily.
Well as you can see I’m very positive about this band, and usually that’s not the case when I have to review a first demo by an unknown band. But when I calculate in what I saw them do live, I figure that it will take a year or two before they really achieve the tightness and the good songwriting that could come out of this band. I would like to see them again in six months or so, just to see what they sound like then.
Chiraw - Resurrection
68/1001Details Independent
Released on Friday Sep 1st, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Nov 30th, 2006

Tags: #Chiraw
Tracklisting 1. Final Solution
2. Insomnia
3. Legend
4. Phoenix
5. System
Line up Robin de Groot – Vocals
Gep Henneberke – Guitars
Ric Brand – Drums
Thomas Veldhuis – Bass
Gijs Grootelaar – Keys and Samples
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