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Gjenferdsel - I
Gjenferdsel, another band I’ve never heard of and another bandname I can’t pronounce. Luckily the album-title is shorter: I.
Gjenferdsel was founded in 2002 in the highlands of Norway. In 2004 they released their first demo and now Ketzer Records offered them a record-deal. And here it is, their first album, I. But how does it sound? They are from Norway, does that say anything?
Yes it does, the music is exactly as I thought it would be, some nice raw Norwegian black metal. Simple but strong riffs and some aggressive and cold screams. Most of the time it’s very melodic. Mid-tempo and blasts go well together, but the blast don’t overrule, actually most of the time it’s mid-tempo drumming. I think they made the right decision, a huge amount of blastbeats would break the great atmospheric feeling.
I really like the song 'Dödshymne', with the female choirs at the end. 'Chapter II' is great as well, it’s a complete acoustic track, but it really sounds great and fits very well with the black metal compositions. The production goes along very well with the compositions, although the volume of the bass guitar is a little too loud in some parts.
You won’t hear anything new and the variation between the songs is not that great, but black metal fans of the old school will like this one!
Gjenferdsel - I
70/1001Details Ketzer Records
Released on Friday Sep 22nd, 2006
Black metal

Writer @Arcane on Thursday Nov 30th, 2006

Tags: #Gjenferdsel
Tracklisting 1. Inntog
2. Svik
3. Deathbound
4. Stolthet
5. Bak Skoddelagte Fjell
6. D´┐Żdshymne
7. Chapter II
8. Thurs
Line up Index – vocals, guitars
Invictus – drums
Infestus - bass