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Galar - Skogsvad
Galar, a band that doesn’t sound familiar. It sounded Scandinavian to me and I guessed it would be either black metal or Viking metal. Then the cd arrived and I saw the cover, which gave me the same impression. Let’s find out if my male intuition was right.
Well I was right about Scandinavia, Galar was founded in 2004 in Norway. And how about the music? Well I was right about that as well, it is a great mix of black with viking/folk.
When I heard Skogsvad the first time I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked this album immediately. The compositions are great, and never become boring because of the variety. Fast black metal parts, which remind me of Kampfar go very well together with the slow and melodic parts. Next to the traditional metal instruments like the guitar, bass and drums Galar also uses some nice flutes, piano and other classical instruments, which are very well integrated in the metal parts. But you will also hear some parts that are just classical. The clean vocals are very nice as well. The production is good, it’s well mixed and fits very well to the music.
It’s not new, most of the things have been done before by other bands, but the compositions are so well written it really doesn’t matter to me, Skogsvad is just a very good album.
Galar - Skogsvad
80/1001Details Heavy Horses Records
Released on Wednesday Nov 29th, 2006
Black / Folk metal

Writer @Arcane on Thursday Nov 30th, 2006

Tags: #Galar
Tracklisting 01. Skogskvad
02. Ragnarok
03. D�dsmyr
04. Kronet Til Konge
05. Skumring
06. Hugin Og Munin
07. Slagmarkens Falne Sjeler
08. Jotneraid
Line up Slagmark – grimm vocals, guitars and bass
Smaug – lyrics
Fornjot – clean vocals, grand piano, keyboards an bassoon
Tordenskrall – drums