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Native Instinct - An Awful Rage
Belgium thrash metal!!! Native Instinct was spawned from the remnants of Blue Quest and Crossfire and released their first EP somewhere in 2000. The line-up changed and they released the self-titled full length three years later. Now it’s again three years later, and again they have a different line-up. Let’s see how this one sounds.
As the bio states that their previous releases were received with great reviews in different countries, I was curious if I would feel the same. The answer unfortunately has to be no. I’ll start with the thing that I like; the songwriting. The stuff they write certainly isn’t bad at all and you can hear they manage their instruments quite well. Luckily the guitars are produced great (contrary to the drums and vocals), so one can get into it pretty easily. Some good old-skool thrash metal action on An Awful Rage.
But the minors aren’t just only unoriginality. At least twice I felt like I heard a riff that was too familiar. I am pro-‘better steal something good than write something bad’, but with a style that lacks variety to start with you cannot get away with such things. Furthermore the drummer isn’t interesting at all and the vocals are just bad (well, not all the times though) and even more uninteresting. This is truly turning out to be an awful record instead of An Awful Rage.
I guess they must have sounded better in their previous line-ups, because I don’t think many people will really appreciate this. And that’s too bad, because I do think they have the potential to give us something better than this awful thing. At least they got one word of the album title right…
Native Instinct - An Awful Rage
50/1001Details Apache Productions
Released on Monday Nov 13th, 2006
Thrash metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Nov 30th, 2006

Tags: #Native Instinct
Tracklisting 1. The Hunter
2. Ride The Bullet
3. Enter Our Twilight Zone
4. Warrior Of The Night
5. Watching Over Us
6. Tortured Mind
7. Total Annihilation
8. Vagrant
9. The Betrayer Betrayed
10 An Awful Rage
Line up Kevin V - Vocals
Rudi VDS - Guitars
Jim C - Guitars
Nick M - Bass
Steve DC - Drums