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Have Heart - The Things We Carry
The story of Have Heart reads as every musicians dream. The band formed in July 2002 as a side project and intended to play traditional hardcore, influenced by the likes of Turning Point, Youth Of Today and Verbal Assault. After a bunch of shows and a self organized East Coast tour and selling over 1000 demo’s they released their 7” What Counts on Think Fast! Records. They played more and more and got themselves noticed by Bridge 9, who just released their debut album The Things We Carry.
When opening track “Life Is Hard Enough” blasts through the speakers in just under one minute, everything becomes pretty clear. Have Heart has a point to make and a lot of energy to give. Why waste time? Clocking in a mere 26 minutes they unleash eleven tracks fueled with fury and anger on the listener. Singer Patrick Flynn makes the band stand out lyrically while Jim Siegel made the album sound intense and heavy.
There’s barely any silence between the tracks, when a song ends Have Heart grabs the listener and throws him right back in his chair for the next anthem. Right in the middle, the track “Old Man II (Last Words And Lessons Learned) finally gives the listener a chance to catch its breath again, but is quickly followed up by a new round of rapid fire.
The Things We Carry has a nice 90’s feel and fits in perfectly with bands Turning Point, Youth Of Today and Strife. The band might sound a lot like plenty traditional hardcore bands but manages to inject it with a firm dose of freshness. An absolute must-have for any hardcore fan.
Have Heart - The Things We Carry
95/1001Details Bridge 9
Released on Friday Dec 1st, 2006

Writer @Bad Astronaut on Thursday Dec 7th, 2006

Tags: #Have Heart
Tracklisting 1. Life Is Hard Enough
2. Watch Me Sink
3. Armed With A Mind
4. About Face
5. The Unbreakable
6. Old Man II (Last Words and Lessons Learned)
7. Song Of Shame
8. To Us Fools
9. Something More Than Ink
10. The Machinist
11. Watch Me Rise
Line up Ryan Hudon - Guitar
Patrick Flynn - Vocals
Shawn Brownies - Drums
Kei Yasui - Guitar
Briggs - Bass