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Suidakra - Caledonia
Allright, Suidakra rang a bell to me, so I decided to pick out this album. I used to listen to this band a lot some years ago, but eventually I stopped keeping track of this band. The only material I know is the excellent Lays From Afar album. Caledonia is the new album brought by these German melodic folk death metal dudes.
Fans of Suidakra, rest assured, because you’ll like it. The song structures and riffs are the same, but better composed, and better written. The melodic parts strive to get you into another plane of existence and you’ll be happy to stay there. The excellent opener ‘Highland Hills’ pounders through your ears, and will eventually dose them off. There are several interesting tracks on this album like ‘Forth-Clyde’, ‘The IXth Legion’ and the folkish tinted song ‘The Distant Call’. Suidakra have created a concept album with this one, telling about the struggles of war between an old Scottish tribe against the Roman Empire. Very interesting, and one who buys this album should consider reading through the lyrics.
I was rather pleased with this album, but still I would not listen to this all day. This is excellent music to match my present mood and the present weather here in the Netherlands. This is a fairly nice album altogether.
Suidakra - Caledonia
88/1001Details Armageddon Music
Released on Friday Nov 17th, 2006
Dark/Folk/Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Saturday Dec 9th, 2006

Tags: #Suidakra
Tracklisting 1: Highland Hills
2: A Blackened Shield
3: The Ember Deid (Part II)
4: Evoke The Demon
5: Forth-Clyde
6: Ramble
7: Dawning Tempest
8: The Distant Call
9: On Torrid Sand
10: The IXth Legion
11: Farewell
Line up Guitars/Grunts - Arkadius Antonik
Guitars/Clean Vox - Marcel Schoenen
Bass - Marcus Riewaldt
Drums - Lars Wehner