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Svarrogh - Kukeri
I really love the versatility of metal. Heavy metal, speed metal, thrash metal, death metal, doom metal, black metal and so on. But these are just the standards of metal, there are also tons of mixes within the metal genres and also lots of bands that mix metal with non-metal, great! Svarrogh is a band that likes the cocktail of the best ingredients.
Svarrogh is a solo project of Dimo Dimov from Bulgaria in 2001. Svarrogh is named after an ancient slavian god of fire and the sun. Svarrogh recorded some demo’s but never released all of them. After that Svarrogh released some splits, E.P’s and records, and now there is the release of the latest album Kukeri.
Like I said before, Svarrogh is a mix of metal with other musical genre’s. But what kind of metal and what are the other influences? Well, the the basic is raw oldschool black metal. Mix that with some nice dark ambient and some Bulgarian folk and you get Svarrogh.
To create these damn great songs Dimo used all kinds of instruments next to the classic metal instruments. Mandolin, bells, didgeridoo, all kinds of percussion, synths, flutes, a Kaba Gaida (some kind of bagpipes) and so on. I guess you can imagine these give the music a great poetic and historical feeling. The lyrics are about folklore, Bulgarian poems, Slavian and Bulgarian mythology, tangra spiritualism, ritual shamanism and pagan/historical topics.
The songs are all extremely good, there is so much variation on Kukeri, for instance the song ‘Mourning Mill’ , an awesome song with some nice black metal structures, combined with a mandolin, folk choirs and acoustic guitars. A very well written melodic and sinister song. And even a better example would be ‘My Dinasty’, this song has so many turns, which makes it everything but boring.
The production of Kukeri fits the songs very well, it’s very clear and well balanced but it also sounds very raw. Fans of melodic black metal or folk fans should get Kukeri, which is an awesome addition to your collection.
Svarrogh - Kukeri
95/1001Details Heavy Horses Records
Released on Friday Jun 30th, 2006
Avantgarde folk black metal

Writer @Arcane on Sunday Dec 10th, 2006

Tags: #Svarrogh
Tracklisting 1. The Pashovi Cliffs
2. Mourning mill
3. Wind hunters
4. Kukeri towards the sea
5. My dinasty
6. The solitude Of Stara Planina
7. Rhodopean winter
8. Kukeri in the snow
9. Somewhere in the woods
10. Memories in the dark of the ages
11. Sun, I pray to thee
12. Kukeri Of The Sun
Line up Dimo Dimov : E-Guitar, Bass, Acc.Guitar, 8 string-Tamboura, Mandoline, Bells, Djembe, Didgeridoo, Maracas & diverse percussion, Programming & Sampling, Synth & Piano, Kaval-flute (Shepherd pipe), Kaba Gaida (Bagpipe), Tupan (Bassdrum).