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Bakers Dozen - Sent Down
Bakers Dozen’s new record that includes three bonus tracks taken from the Ripe For Violence EP just saw the light of day. I’m not expecting anything that will change the world, but straight forward, tight and raw streetpunk/oi! from this Scottish outfit. According to the label it’s “Another successful chapter in the history of British oi! music!”.
This is oi! music as it should be. No core, no thrash, no metal sounding guitars, just plain honest oi!. Up-tempo straight forward streetpunk/oi!. Ten songs about drinking, fighting and pubs. All sung by Jon Scott, who does a nice job with his Scottish voice. When going over the titles at the back, most skinheads will probably start smiling right away, anxiously waiting to pop the cd in their player. With titles like “Fight For Your Life”, “Stand And Fight” and “Surrender Or You Die!” the lyrics speak for itself.

Bakers Dozen pulls of the Condemned 84 song “The Unstoppable Force” easily, which is a nice addition to the record. Just like the three bonus tracks from their previous EP the listener is treated to. The band manages to write some catchy songs, after a few spins melodies get stuck in your head, and humming along is easy from the first few seconds the record starts.
The ideal record for a fridaynight. Get home from work, kick back, put your boots on the table, grab a beer, and sing along!
Bakers Dozen - Sent Down
80/1001Details Rebellion Records
Released on Sunday Oct 1st, 2006

Writer @Bad Astronaut on Monday Dec 11th, 2006

Tags: #Bakers Dozen
Tracklisting 01. Name Unknown
02. Sent Down
03. Fight for your life
04. Non priority
05. Hunted Down
06. Stand and fight
07. Suburban Nightmare
08. Surrender or you die!
09. The unstoppable force
10. Hidden agenda
11. Pick a Victem
12. Someone elses bird
13. Fire arms offender
Line up Jon - Vocals
Dave - Guitar
Aldo - Bass
Craig - Drums