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Misanthropia - Rise of Necropolis
1.misanthropy - hatred of mankind
hate, hatred - the emotion of hate; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action
2.misanthropy - a disposition to dislike and mistrust other people
unfriendliness - an unfriendly disposition.
Misanthropia is a dutch metal band, founded in 2005 and has some roots in the band Throned By Tyranny. Rise of Necropolis is the first album by these mankind hating metalheads.
Seven songs of melodic black metal are presented to you. Many guitar licks and the usage of keyboards is what makes Misanthropia melodic. Well, I like melodic, I also like Persian tunes, but in the song ‘Yedina’ they really disappointed me in the last minute. Some Eastern sounds start out quite promising but then it turns into a way too happy guitarlick, which has nothing to do with hating mankind in my opinion.
Can you remember the toy drums of Metallica’s album St. Anger? Well Misanthropia must have liked that sound because they used a similar drum sound at the beginning of ‘Nocturnal Conspiracy’. I don’t think I have to say more. Luckily it is just used once.
Now you probable think I really don’t like this album, but these were just two things that are really misplaced on the album in my opinion. The songs are not super, but surely not bad, but it does not sound original. What I like about this album is the amount of music in comparison with the vocals. Don’t get me wrong, I like the vocals, but Misanthropia made the right decision to put their music in front, because the musical parts are mostly very nice. Some piano parts are a little too happy as well, I guess they occasionally forgot about their bandname. But the musicians know how to play their instruments. ‘Death March’ is the song I like the most. It has a lot of aggression and fury with more uptempo parts and has a very nice sinister atmosphere.
I cannot say anything negative about the production except for some drum parts, the snare is a little too loud. Of course I’ve heard better productions in this genre, but these bands have huge budgets.
Rise of Necropolis is a nice average album, but I will keep my eyes on this band, they might become very big if luck is on their side.
Misanthropia - Rise of Necropolis
70/1001Details self released
Released on Monday May 1st, 2006
melodic black metal

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday Dec 13th, 2006

Tags: #Misanthropia
Tracklisting 1. World's demise
2. Yedina
3. Nocturnal conspiracy
4. Misanthropia
5. Death march
6. Pure haunting breed
7. Drakness Triumph
Line up Thijs – keys
Maurice – bass
Bram – vocals, guitars
Sarban – drums
Dennis – guitars