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Anubis - These Ancient Halls
What to do when you're still fairly young and want to play in a thrash / speed Metal band? Sometime in the beginning of 2005, it was that very question that almost drove Rob Langendijk and Kevin Pasman to despair. Luckily, the two thrashers from northern Holland were driven together by an e-mail from Rob in February of 2005. The two were soon to become 19 years old and despite their age, they were determined to start a band that was deeply rooted in the 1980’s, referring to records, most of which were released before the bassist and the singer were even born.
Quite an interesting story that is; Two guys determined to play music that’s from the years before they were even born. Well, interesting enough for me to check out what it would sound like. And no, I’m not a real thrash/speed metal fanatic but most of the times I do recognize good music.
The demo starts with ‘Anubian Melodies’, a song in which some instruments seem to be in each others way in the overall mix. Here and there it sounds a little chaotic but in general this song is a decent metal track. Not really something that grabs my attention soon and I think that’s mostly caused by the somewhat monotonous vocals. There are also some parts with backing vocals but I think these parts really don’t do any good to the song.
Although I think the first song isn’t that convincing, I think the second song definitely shows that these guys know how to handle their instruments. Especially the solo played after like 3 minutes is pretty damn good! I also think that ‘Contempt Is Our Guide’ is more of a speed metal track and I like the fact that this song is played is such a high tempo. But after 4 and a half minute there’s this awful (very high) scream that really gives me the shivers! Ouch!
Considering the fact that this is only a demo the sound is pretty good. The songs don’t really turn me on but there sure is potential in this band. I think people that are into this genre can definitely dig this after a little more progression. 
Anubis - These Ancient Halls
64/1001Details Independent
Released on Friday Dec 1st, 2006
Thrash / Speed Metal

Writer @Boek on Sunday Dec 17th, 2006

Tags: #Anubis
Tracklisting 1. Anubian Melodies
2. Contempt Is Our Guide
Line up Kevin Pasman - Vocals
Alex Mulder - Rhythm Guitar
Dennis Mes - Lead Guitar
Rob Langendijk - Bass
Laurens Kreeft - Drums