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Midnightstorm - Midnightstorm
Italy, the birthplace of such legendary people as Leonardo da Vinci who gave the world fresh ideas. It is also the place where the basics of music were founded. And highly regarded people from the music world have emerged, such as Puccini. In metal terms Rhapsody of Fire have risen from this boot shaped country. Tough acts to follow, so when I received Midnightstorm’s album in the mail I had high expectations. Not many metal acts have emerged from Italy, but when they do it is of high quality. Can Midnightstorm live up to this high anticipation?
Midnightstorm is quite a young band with most of its members still in their early twenties. And for a group who has been around for only 3 years their self-produced debut demo is very good. So far so good, quality metal can emerge from Italy.
But it would be quite easy to write this and leave it like that. Even though the sound is good, the songs played very tightly, I can’t say that this product is a 100% good.
From the first seconds of opening song ‘Sirena’ it is blindingly obvious who their main influences are: Iron Maiden and Nightwish. That is of course not a bad thing, but playing this kind of music means that your singer has to be in possession of a real good powerful voice.

And that is the weak point of vocalist Igor Vetrih. He just does not have what it takes. His vocals lacks power. And the thick Italian accent tends to annoy me after a while. Maybe performance-wise he can hide the fact that he isn’t the most talented vocalist.
All the songs immediately tell what Midnightstorm is about: typical classical heavy metal. Especially with ‘The Church’ typical Iron Maiden structures come galloping out of my speakers. The song does remind me of several Maiden songs such as ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’ in particular with the keyboard interludes. The music is good, it is just kind of predictable. 

All in all you can say that this is a nice product. The artwork has a very professional look. They are all very competent musicians, with the exception of the vocal issue. If they want a big breakthrough they should concentrate on that part.
Midnightstorm - Midnightstorm
79/1001Details Independant
Released on Tuesday Dec 19th, 2006
Heavy Metal

Writer @Angel on Tuesday Dec 19th, 2006

Tags: #Midnightstorm
Tracklisting 1. Sirena
2. Warcry
3. The Serpent and the Rose
4. Thunderborn
5. The Church
6. Phantom Dome
7. Odyssey
Line up Igor Vetrih - Vocals
Manuel Vidoz - Bass
Marco Zotti - Drums
Stefano Mele - Guitar
Dario Lacona - Guitar
Michel Pellizari - Keyboards