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Fearsome Records - Blown To Pieces 4
A tornado, and a crying little boy. If this isn’t an inviting cd-cover for an evening of headaches for your parents, I don’t have a clue what will be. Shame I don’t live at home anymore, at least considering the looks on their faces whilst blasting a metal album. God I miss puberty.
Fearsome Records is a cool underground metal label from Pay Bas, loaded with upcoming talent, obscure shit and crappy bands that will never make it. All the charm needed for a cool metal label, I’d say. FSR sports with their best known act Mortuary IOD (who opened up Wâldrock one time I seem to recollect), but this disc is mostly filled with the amateurship (not a bad thing by definition) or badly mixed that make the obscure.
I’d say it’s important to keep supporting labels such as this. Even when their samplers –like Blown To Pieces 4- contain hardly any great tunes of death and decay. Most of it is mediocrity, however Devious (death metal) does stand out. A bizarre cliché nu-metal song by Gilo also stands out, but in a different sense. A sense of been-there-done-that however can’t conceal the brave attitude to put out bands that aren’t one profile. Baseballcapje off.
Fearsome Records - Blown To Pieces 4
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Released on Wednesday Dec 20th, 2006
Music Your Mom Hates

Writer @Lex on Wednesday Dec 20th, 2006

Tags: #Fearsome Records
Tracklisting 01. DEVIOUS - 'Boundless Domain' - brutal death metal from the Netherlands
02. GILO - 'D.V.W.A.C.M' - power metal from the Netherlands
03. XERPENTOR - 'Compulsion to Kill' - old school death metal from the Netherlands
04. EDGE OF ANGER - 'Hate Charge' - Pounding metal from the Netherlands
05. VARNAS - 'Endless In My Cold Dreams of Pain' - death metal from Italy
06. KYU - 'Nwbgn' (newbegin) - groovy powermetal from the Netherlands
07. THE EMBODIMENT - 'Y2k' - thrash metal from the Netherlands
08. KESTMORG - 'Infective Vultures Receptacle' - avantgarde metal from Italy
09. PERSISTENSE - ' A Good Friend' - metalcore from the Netherlands
10. EXCRETE - 'F�kal Fatal' - death / thrash metal from Germany
11. WHEN LOVE FINISHES - 'Fast n' Furious' - metalcore from Italy
12. SERIAL BUTCHER - 'Baking up the Neighbours' - death metal from the Belgium
13. WARMASTER - 'Unleashing Devilment' - Old school death metal from the Netherlands
14. RIGHT IN SIGHT - 'White Obsession' - brutal new school hardcore band from Turin Italy
15. KORONZON - 'F.T.I.' (Fucking Trendy Idols) - agressive thrash - death metal from Greece
16. DARK REMAINS - 'Misanthropic Rage' - death metal from the Netherlands
17. ROTTEN - 'Butchering of a Body' - death metal from the Netherlands
Line up Various