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Sufferage - Bloodspawn
Sufferage was founded in spring 2000 by the brothers Lasse and Ole Fink. After the first songs had been written, Jasmin Fleiner and Oliver Frank joined the band and Sufferage was born. According to their MySpace the band plays Hamburg Death Metal so that must be something special then. And the fact that this band has a female vocalist definitely makes me curious! Will this be a second Arch Enemy? Lets find out!
Well, this band sure is not a second Arch Enemy but what they do have in common is that they both have a very powerful female vocalist. Goddamn! What a voice! I always find it a bit scary to hear a woman sing like this but on the other hand I gotta give Jasmin Fleiner a big compliment for not being inferior to the average death metal (male) vocalist. Though, a song like ‘Allday Life’ shows that she can’t keep up her male-like vocals all the time. I’m not sure whether she does that because she can’t do better or because she’s trying to create some variation in the vocals. What I do know for sure is that it would have been better to leave those parts out.
Music wise this band sure creates some powerful death metal but unfortunately the songs sound a little too raw here and there. The production isn’t really stunning which results in somewhat chaotic songs that could have been smoothened up a little more. And as I’m talking about the lack of a good production I also have to mention the fact that the bass drums are not always coming out that clear. They could have been a little more present (and pounding) in my opinion. But that’s just a small minor.
I think the biggest problem of this band is that lack of variation they put in their music. It just doesn’t grab my attention and when it does, it’s only for a little while. I think this music is nice as background music (you know the feeling; just tapping with your feet on the floor, making some air-guitar moves and stuff like that without really noticing you’re actually doing it) but I don’t think I’ll put this album in my CD-player when I’m in for something really good! I guess Hamburg Death Metal isn’t completely my cup of tea. Might be yours though!
Sufferage - Bloodspawn
67/1001Details Remission Records
Released on Friday Nov 10th, 2006
Hamburg Death Metal

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Dec 20th, 2006

Tags: #Sufferage
Tracklisting 01. Trained To Kill
02. Hate Is Warm And Red
03. Allday Life
04. What About
05. A Shadow Of Your Own (Disfigured Soul)
06. Grey And Wet And Cold
07. Not My Place
08. Prophecies Of A Coming Scenario
09. Just Another Trend
10. Stop Corruption
11. Enticing Lies
Line up Jasmin Fleiner - Vocals
Lasse Fink - Guitar
Oliver Frank - Bass
Ole Fink - Drums