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I - Between Two Worlds
Immortal always has been one of my favourite black metal bands. And I know I’m not the only one. When Immortal announced they’d split up many people were disappointed, no more grim and frostbitten. After a while some rumours were unleashed. Abbath should’ve started a new band with some friends. And he did: I.
When I heard the first promo song ‘The storm I ride’ I was very pleased. It really sounds great. It is way more groovy than Immortal, but still has the typical Immortal sound. After a few months the album Between Two Worlds was released. Would the other songs sound as good as ‘The storm I ride’?

When the promo arrived it went straight into the cd-player. The first song sounded familiar, it was ‘The storm I ride’. This really is a great song with a very strong opening riff. I guess everyone who would hear this song would say: Motörhead. When I listened the next song I was a little disappointed. It sounded very different, more like Immortal. Of course that is not a bad thing, but I really thought the album would be more Motörheadish. After a while I told myself to get Motörhead out of my head and listened to the album with a clean mind.

The songs all have a cold and dark feeling, but it still has more warmth than Immortal, more feeling. Especially the solos. Damn, I’m referring to Immortal again. But on the other hand, I cannot overhear it, and you wouldn't too. And another big difference with Immortal is the speed. Take the song ‘Warriors’ for instance, it is a very strong mid-tempo song, no blasts at all, no shredding guitars. But then there is that song 'Battalions'. I really love this song, but it really is an Immortal song, it could have been on Sons of Northern Darkness. The song has an awesome drive, like galloping horses that ride into battle.

Another great song is ‘Far beyond the quiet’, again a slower song, with a real awesome strong feeling. A lot of melody combined with some strong cold riffs and vocals make this a great epical song.

But do I see I as a completely new band? My answer to that is: No. It really is an awesome album, but instead I, they could have printed the name Immortal on the cover. Okay, it is a little more melodic and has more groove, but not one band would redo an album again. I see it as a new Immortal album, and a good one.
I - Between Two Worlds
80/1001Details Nuclear Blast
Released on Friday Nov 3rd, 2006
Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Tuesday Dec 26th, 2006

Tags: #I
Tracklisting 1. The Storm I Ride
2. Warriors
3. Between Two Worlds
4. Battalions
5. Mountains
6. Days of North Winds
7. Far Beyond the Quiet
8. Cursed We Are

Line up Abbath – vocals, guitars
Ice Dale – guitars
TC King – bass
Armagedda – drums
Demonaz – lyrics