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Rajna - Otherwise
Again a release that has absolutely nothing to do with metal. Rajna operates in the regions of experimental goth-like acoustic ambient music. And again such weird music from this weird French label Holy Records, just like Ufych Sormeer some time ago. What will Otherwise bring us that is different from the rest? Read on and find out.
Since I have sincere problems with describing what they actually sound like in professional terms, I have copy-pasted this part of their MySpace:
Rajna was born in 1997 from France, creating music with a decidedly eastern flavour. Rajna can be situated somewhere between dream and journey. It is an encounter with different cultures and civilisations, sounds and emotions. Clearly inspired by the mysteries of Orient, our compositions blend instruments from India, Tibet, Nepal and more...’
And if that doesn’t arouse your interest, please stop reading. For those that can’t wait to hear it, please believe it is as gentile as they describe it. It calms me down actually, especially when I’m under the influence of some good pot I get drawn in by this album. This really sounds like a dream or a journey. Especially the Oriental influences make it very interesting. Because here in the West you don’t hear a lot of those instruments, it is nice to hear a band that loves to just use those particular sounds and create their own music with that. Of course there’s a lot of electronica involved in this as well, like drum samples and such, but what else would you expect with a band of just two people.
For the fans of this band (like they would visit a dirty ol’ metalsite!), this time there are more lyrics and acoustic guitars than on the previous six albums. Which is a great thing I think, because they have added more dimension to their music.
For the rest I cannot say much more about this music, because it is as strange and new to me as a grindcore band is to an Eskimo. I just know I like it a lot and I will probably play it occasionally too. Open minded people might just dig this.
Rajna - Otherwise
84/1001Details Holy Records
Released on Wednesday Dec 27th, 2006
Oriental alternative goth-ambience

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Dec 27th, 2006

Tags: #Rajna
Tracklisting 1. Porcelain Sky
2. Shall I Go?
3. Angel
4. Just My Life
5. Colours Of Love
6. Prima Ballerina
7. Abyss
8. Radio Island
9. Secret Place
10. Lost Memories
11. Black Humanity
12. When I Was A Child...
13. Antalya
14. Porcelain Sky (guitar edit)
Line up Jeanne Lefebvre - vocals
Fabrice Lefebvre - all instuments