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Midwinter - Between Wisdom And Lunacy
Midwinter, a band with a very cliché band name, operating since 1999, but I still never heard any music of these guys. Is it because of the cliché bandname? I think so. Perhaps I should be more open to the clichés, who knows, perhaps the music is good.
Since 1999 Midwinter released a demo and a full-length album, and now they released their 2nd album, Between Wisdom And Lunacy. For some reason I expected something like Children Of Bodom. But after the intro, when the first song began, it was clear it sounded different, it reminded me of Cradle Of Filth and perhaps a little of Anorexia Nervosa. What surprised me in this song were the clean vocals, I didn’t see that coming, but it didn’t sound bad. The Cradle influence is very clear, after about 4 minutes there is a spoken part which reminds me of those of Dani Filth.
For those who think “Oh no, not another Cradle rip-off”, I can assure you it is not. The songs are way more compact, and the song structures differ a lot. It is also more heavy metal based. And sometimes it has these typical jolly power metal-like keyboard parts and vocals. I needed some time to appreciate those, but after a while I really started to like it. The combination of the dark parts and sometimes the jolly stuff is okay for me. Then there is the song ‘Dragonrock’ that surprised me. It is a mix of modern melodic black metal with heavy metal and Cronos vocals, you know, the dude of Venom.  
So I like the music, but how about the production? Well I can be very short about that. The production is very good, it is mixed very well, and the sound is very clear and fits the music very well. So if you are into the epic melodic heavy black metal, this sure is worth listening. An extra bonus song, which is not on the album, can be downloaded from their website.
Midwinter - Between Wisdom And Lunacy
80/1001Details Twilight Vertrieb
Released on Friday Oct 6th, 2006
Heavy Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Sunday Jan 7th, 2007

Tags: #Midwinter
Tracklisting 1. Between Wisdom... (0:33)
2. No Gods Have Built My Skies (6:25)
3. Of Troll And Thurs (4:36)
4. The Song Inside (5:17)
5. Monument Of Pain (4:39)
6. Bleeding Black Fire (4:40)
7. Thorns Of Ice (4:43)
8. Dragonrock (3:29)
9. Where Steel Is Born (6:02)
10. Blessed With Wings Of Madness (7:38)
11. Alone With My Sorrow (3:20)
12. Pet Sematary (2:43)
13. ...And Lunacy (0:49)
Line up AbraxasNoir – keys
Flo – drums
Mordan – vocals
Esther – guitars
Funke – bass