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Artrach - ...And In Fate We Rest
Let it be a fact that Belgium has never been able to become an international name within the power metal scene. Now just when one starts giving up the hope, that some day it will, you receive a new promo-cd to review: ‘Artrach - …And In Fate We Rest’.
A promo-cd from a power metal band… interesting… a power metal band from Belgium… very interesting. Surprised by this, I immediately started listening to the album, wondering if there finally might be a Belgian band that’s able to do what others before them couldn’t…
The album kicks off with ‘Screenchild’. A progressive power/heavy metal song that leaves you with a hopeful thought of what is yet to come. First thing that I notice is the perfect mastering: the instruments and vocals blend in together very well and every instrument sounds great. Every song has a very unique atmosphere which makes it an interesting album to listen to! Unlike some other progressive bands, Artrach is definitely capable to get attention from more than just progressive metal fans. They offer a lot of variety within their own sound, which I think is a great thing. The songs rely on steady rhythms with fluent melodies.
Instrumentally this album doesn’t disappoint either, the keyboard perfectly supports the heavy guitars and the tight played drums set the foundations for the songs. The only things that I’m not too fond of are the vocals. At first, I found them not fitting the music really well, but I must admit, after a while I got used to his voice and it actually felt pretty ok then.
I think it’s safe to conclude that these guys have the ability to become a great band. Definitely worth checking if you’re into progressive metal, and worth keeping an eye on for future releases!
Artrach - ...And In Fate We Rest
80/1001Details Midas Productions
Released on Sunday Jan 7th, 2007
Progressive Power Metal

Writer @Peekay on Sunday Jan 7th, 2007

Tags: #Artrach
Tracklisting 1. Screenchild
2. ...And in Fate We Rest
3. The Path towards Revenge
4. The Mission
5. The One (revisited)
Line up Piet Overstijns – Vocals
Guy Commeene – Lead Guitars
Di�go Denorme – Drums
Christof Colle – Keyboards
Wouter Nottebeart – Bass Guitars
David Vandewalle – Rhythm Guitars